Dwayne Johnson Throws Rocks At Previous Anti-SnyderVerse Regime

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Dwayne Johnson threw rocks at the old anti-SnyderVerse Warner Bros regime in a recent interview. Certainly, the polite way of saying it would be throwing shade. But Dwayne Johnson didn’t mince words. Although he remained soft spoken, his words packed a wallop.

Specifically, Johnson was discussing the absence of Henry Cavill’s Superman in the DCEU. I originally scooped Cavill’s DCEU return on March 30, 2020. Even back then, I already hinted that Johnson faced a challenge. Apparently, Johnson wanted Cavill for the Shazam! sequel. After all, a connection existed between the three. The Rock’s company, Seven Bucks Productions, helped back the Shazam! movies.

In addition, the Rock and Cavill are clients of Dany Garcia.

At the time, I reported that “WB placed the misfiring of the DCEU partly on Cavill as his Superman didn’t light the box office on fire like he should have.”

Dwayne Johnson Throws Rocks At Previous Anti-SnyderVerse Regime

Without a doubt, that explains Johnson’s current revelation. He said:

Six years we first started talking about this. And they kept saying no. Now that leadership isn’t there anymore. We usher in a new era in the DC universe. We usher out an old era.


YouTube personality Syl Abdul posted the clip here.

Without a doubt, that “leadership” consisted of three former employees of Warner Bros. Johnson didn’t need to name-drop former WB executives Ann Sarnoff, Toby Emmerich, and DC Films president Walter Hamada. All three wanted to cut the SnyderVerse from canon. As a matter of fact, Sarnoff became quite vocal about it.

However, it wasn’t just the SnyderVerse but some actors from it. In particular, they included Cavill, Ben Affleck’s Batman, and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg. Granted, they agreed to Affleck in The Flash. Nevertheless, The Flash intended to wave goodbye to Affleck. DC Films would then replace Affleck with Michael Keaton’s Batman and Leslie Grace’s Batgirl as his student.

Then the Warner Bros.-Discovery merger happened.

Dwayne Johnson Throws Rocks At Previous Anti-SnyderVerse Regime

Dwayne Johnson Throws Rocks At Previous Anti-SnyderVerse Regime

Image: Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav cleaned the spaghetti from the wall. He ended Hamada’s reboot plans. He cancelled the Batgirl movie.

The earlier DC leadership Johnson threw under the bus is gone. Officially, Hamada’s exit happens after Black Adam‘s release on October 21. Granted, Hamada lost power in June. Warner Bros. Picture Group co-chairperson Mike De Luca and his partner Pam Abdy took over then. He’s just running out his contract.

Johnson got his wish.

Cavill’s Superman is in Black Adam‘s post-credit scene like I initially leaked on April 11, 2021. It sets up Black Adam 2 with Cavill. I scooped that on June 3, 2020.

The new DC arrives with Black Adam. And it looks Super.