Henry Cavill’s Superman Could Cameo In The Rock’s Black Adam

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Henry Cavill Superman Black Adam Cameo The Rock

Henry Cavills Superman could now return in The Rock’s first Black Adam film. Insiders explain that the return will most likely be a cameo.

On April 6, I scooped that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson wants to produce and appear in Man of Steel 2.

The sequel would have Henry Cavill back as Superman.

The Rock’s recipe for the Snyderverse’s future is becoming clearer.

Sources indicate these are ideas he’s had for years, even before Justice League was initially released.

It’s important to him for Black Adam to take on Superman, the most powerful superhero in the DCEU.

The Rock’s Black Adam versus Henry Cavill’s Superman is the most epic of wrestling matches; people will spend real money to see that fight.

A brief appearance by Henry Cavill in Black Adam would signal that his Superman exists in his universe; furthermore, it’d generate tremendous excitement among the fans when they do duke it out.

Henry Cavill making a cameo at the end of Black Adam or in a post-credits sequence would set up events in Man of Steel 2.

Not only that, but it opens the doors to Black Adam 2 when Superman brings the Justice League with him.

Henry Cavill’s Superman Could Cameo in Black Adam

Henry Cavill Superman Black Adam Cameo The Rock

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Nevertheless, I stress that these are still rumors; none of this is official yet.

However, I am feeling optimistic simply because this, unlike DC Films’ so-called “plans,” makes complete sense, especially on a financial level.

This could be a reason why AT&T hasn’t announced anything about continuing the Snyderverse on HBO Max yet.

After all, there are so many balls still in the air.

What The Rock seems to be cooking here is a three-part story arc that concludes in Black Adam 2.

All of it will take place in the Snyderverse.

Shazam! will apparently be involved, too.

I’ve reported several times about the fragile state of DC Films.

The constant shifting in direction is a problem.

This map seems solid as a Rock; hopefully, Warner Bros. won’t lose their GPS.

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