The Rock Wants Zack Snyder’s Justice League In Black Adam Sequel

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The Rock Black Adam Zack Snyder's Justice League

The Rock wants Zack Snyder’s Justice League in his Black Adam franchise, going against Warner Bros.’ mission to end it all.

Notice I said “Black Adam franchise.”

The Justice League, Snyder’s or otherwise, will not be appearing in the first Black Adam movie.

Nevertheless, this is contrary to what Warner Bros. wants.

On March 22, Warner Bros. chairman and CEO Ann Sarnoff revealed in a Variety interview the studio has no plans to continue Zack Snyder’s DC projects. This meant cutting off the Snyderverse from theatrical releases.

But now it looks like Dwayne Johnson wants to throw a Rock in Warner Bros.’ plans.

I have been saying that The Rock seeks a cohesive DC universe for over a year now.

In March 2020, I leaked that The Rock wanted Henry Cavill’s Superman in Shazam 2, which would set up an eventual face-off with his Black Adam. (The Geekosity website wasn’t launched yet but you can find a receipt here.)

Edward Lauder wrote a thorough investigation about The Rock’s Snyderverse push in Small Screen. Definitely give it a read. You’ll notice we have some over lapping information, which just confirms for me what my sources are saying.

I am now hearing The Rock wants more than just Henry Cavill in a Black Adam sequel; he wants to fight the entire Justice League.

More specifically, Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

This would lead to a Justice League/Justice Society team-up as they often did annually in the comic books. (The Justice Society are in Black Adam.)

That clanking sound you hear is the antacid dropping at WB HQ.

From what I’ve been told, The Rock has full creative control over his Black Adam movies,

and he wasn’t pleased with the news of the Snyderverse’s demise.

The Rock Wants Zack Snyder’s Justice League in Black Adam Sequel

The Rock Black Adam Zack Snyder's Justice League

When The Rock announced the July 29, 2022 theatrical release of Black Adam on his Instagram the other day, he wrote: “The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is about to change.”

DC Universe, Rock?

What DC Universe are you talking about?

Warner Bros. just revealed it’s toast with nothing to take its place.

Furthermore, I reported that The Flash will deliver an Endgame send-off to Ben Affleck’s Batman.

According to my sources, The Rock meant the Snyderverse, and the “hierachy of power” is Henry Cavill’s Superman.

Seeing them battle onscreen is worth billions.

Godzilla vs. Kong pales in comparison to The Rock vs. Superman, and no way in Hell would The Rock demote that to a PPV TV event.

But an insider also said it could also be The Rock standing his ground, that he, in the end, has more power in artistic decision-making in regards to Black Adam than Warner Bros. executives.

“He can override the executives as AT&T would take The Rock’s side about using the Snyderverse,” a source added.

If Black Adam drops a billion (spoiler alert: it will), absolutely nothing will dare face The Rock’s demands for bringing Ben Affleck back as Batman in Black Adam 2.

Let’s breathe in and absorb that.

Imagine you are AT&T.

The Rock, perhaps the biggest franchise star in the world, wants to battle Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman in a future Black Adam film.

Your execs at WB tell you, “We can’t do that. We already said goodbye to Affleck in The Flash. We have Hourman, Zatanna, and The Trench instead.”

Not impressed?

Snyder fans are now stuck between a Rock and a hard place.

Guess who wins?

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