Mystic Forest Lands In Japanese Theaters This Week!

Mystic Forest John Migliore Creature from Cannibal Creek

The delightful, at-times-hilarious, independent horror film Mystic Forest is headed to theaters in Japan this week! Directed by John Migliore (Ouija Shark 2) with a next-to-no budget, Mystic Forest captured the hearts of B movie lovers everywhere.

So much so, that it’s getting a theatrical run in Japan this week. If you’re a fan of the genre, this should come as no surprise as 2022’s Ouija Shark 2 was a massive hit with audiences world wide, especially in Japan.

Migliore Hot In Japan (Again) With Mystic Forest

Mystic Forest John Migliore Creature from Cannibal Creek

Image: Wildeye Releasing

Mystic Forest, known as Creature From Cannibal Creek in North America, has an interesting origin. Director John Migliore had come to the conclusion he wanted to direct one more movie before he was done making his own movies. By this he meant self-produced. If anyone has every put out a film, whether it be a feature or short, you know how draining that can be (mentally, physically and financially).

However, Destiny’s glowing gaze shined down upon Migliore as he was touring a friends property. Abandoned barn? Check. A pen with an electrified fence? Check. A creepy forest? Check. Migliore embraced Destiny’s warm… er… embrace and decided to write Mystic Forest around these locations.

Mystic Forest Lands In Japanese Theaters This Week

The Mystic Forest cast includes Mike Trebilcock, Deborah Jayne Reilly Smith, Simon Wheeldon, Jim Ordolis, Lena Montecalvo and John Migliore. I’m singling out Steve Kasan from the cast here because if you’ve followed Geekosity the last few years and have joined in on any of the live shows you’ll recognize Steve Kasan, aka RetroGraveProduction!

So, if you’re in the mood for a comic-book inspired, creature movie from the 50’s, a la Roger Corman styles and happen to be in Japan you can check out Mystic Forest at OsuCinema.

But, James, what if I’m not in Japan this week?” you ask yourself as you stare into your screen. Fear not, intrepid reader, I have you covered.

You can watch Mystic Forest, aka Creature From Cannibal Creek in all it’s glory on Tubi for free right now.

Grab some popcorn, sink into your favourite furniture and enjoy Migliore’s endearing, micro-budget indie movie.

Mystic Forest John Migliore Creature from Cannibal Creek Steve Kasan RetroGraveProd

Image: Survivor Zombie Films #SteveKasanForBigWheel

Written By James Simon


Official Plot Synopsis:

Deep in the forest, a backwards family of cold-blooded cannibals keep people in cages until they’re ready to be butchered. One of the captives escapes, but dies in the surrounding forest. Nature soon spawns its vengeance, reviving the former captive and turning him into a marauding beast who now hunts the family of killers. From director John Migliore (OUIJA SHARK 2).