The Flash 2 Plans To Introduce Legion Of Doom As Ezra Miller’s Villains

Written by Edwin Francisco

The Legion of Doom were discussed as Ezra Miller’s villains in The Flash 2.

We reported on October 3 that The Flash 2 was already in the works. Certainly, Ezra Miller’s first film has to strike box-office gold. However, The Flash has yet to reach its premiere yet and it’s still going through reshoots. And now Warner Bros. Discovery is already working on a sequel?

Yes, they are.

In addition, sources remain confident that Ezra Miller will reprise his role.

In fact, a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed our scoop that The Flash 2 is already in the works. THR indicates that David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick is currently writing the sequel. Johnson-McGoldrick has writer credits for both Aquaman films.

The Flash 2 Plans To Introduce Legion Of Doom As Ezra Miller’s Villains

The Flash 2 Plans To Introduce Legion Of Doom As Ezra Miller’s Villains

Image: DC Comics

Geekosity‘s Kieran Bugg previously leaked that the Flash will be facing the Legion of Doom in the sequel. The villainous team was originally part of director Zack Snyder’s plan. Their appearance should have been in other Justice League films.

Bugg explained:

According to the movie’s original storyboards the line-up featured both old and new DCEU villains. The team in the scrapped sequel would’ve included Luthor, Dr. Poison, Black Manta, Ocean Master, Captain Cold and The Riddler.

The gathering of the villains has always been in the plan. Even after Snyder left DC Films, the theatrical Justice League ending teased that the team is in the works. But after the failure of director Joss Whedon’s Justice League, it seems the fired Warner Bros. regime decided to snuff the SnyderVerse.

DC Films lost their vision in Snyder’s absence. Instead of Man of Steel 2, they promised Hourman and The Wonder Twins. Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav walked into the office and quickly flushed the toilet.

Now DC Films climbs from the abyss.

With the release of Black Adam, the Rock has shown that WBD is getting back to the DCEU. The Rock is working to restore the SnyderVerse. Geekosity owner Mikey Sutton scooped this on April 11, 2021. The evidence piles up.

Of course, it’s never going to return to the way that it was to happen in past plans. Nevertheless, the new DC Films is now working to get the Legion of Doom together. And it seems like The Flash 2 is going to be another major event in the DCEU.

With this in mind, it means that The Flash 2 could also include other heroes. I reported in April 24 that Ben Affleck’s Batman is on the drawing board to show up. It seems that DC Films could be making sure that each movie will have crossovers. They are expanding connected universe.

The Flash 2 Plans To Introduce Legion Of Doom As Ezra Miller’s Villains

The Flash 2 Plans To Introduce Legion Of Doom As Ezra Miller’s Villains

Image: Getty Images

The Rock, whom Warner Bros. Discovery is considering as an adviser to DC Films, said to The New York Times:

It’s the safer bet to continue to invest in the I.P. that the world knows. The Justice League — Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman. I understand that. But it took convincing to get the studio to look past the Justice League into the DC universe, and there’s some really cool characters there. You’ve just got to give it a shot and trust the investment.

So, we will be seeing more heroes and villains in the DCEU moving forward.

The Flash 2 is still in its early stages; thus, a lot of things can still change. Especially with current films like The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom are going through reshoots and rewrites as we speak. But this is part of Zaslav’s 10-year plan. He’s planning ahead with several projects including Henry Cavill’s new Superman movie.