The Flash Removes Two SnyderVerse Actors

Written by Edwin Francisco

Reports now circulate that The Flash movie has removed two SnyderVerse actors. Specifically, it took out the cameos of Henry Cavill’s Superman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

We’ve reported before that Cavill filmed shots for Ezra Miller’s The Flash. It would have made Cavill’s return as Superman more significant compared to the brief appearance from The Rock’s Black Adam. There was even a report that the first one third of the film would feature the Justice League in a big battle.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, Cavill and Gadot filmed cameos for the film. They even revealed how much he got for being involved in it. The same amount as his appearance in Black Adam, which is $250,000. If that is true, then it seems that his appearance in The Flash would be just a very small one. Unfortunately, there is no report on Gadot’s salary for her participation.

The Flash Removes Two SnyderVerse Actors

The Flash Removes Two SnyderVerse Actors

Image: Warner Bros.

This does confirm that DC’s Trinity was along the lines of showing up in The Flash.

Before James Gunn and Peter Safran told the world about their initial plans, the world anticipated Cavill to reprise the role. Not only that, there were many dedicated fans also looking forward to seeing the SnyderVerse return. It was evident that Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav was pushing for the SnyderVerse to keep on going. Apparently, there are reports that Warner Bros. Pictures Group co-chair Mike De Luca approved Cavill’s appearance in Black Adam. Not to mention The Rock himself has been talking about the Black Adam vs. Superman showdown that is to happen down the line. Cavill even announced that he’s back as Superman.

Many insiders have reported that reshoots were done on both The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Details are very few and far between. But Ben Affleck showing up on the Aquaman set did confirm it. The Flash had most reshoots because it was a critical film for the DC Universe. Many speculated that the production designed it to eliminate the SnyderVerse under the watchful eyes of Walter Hamada. But as soon as Zaslav came into the picture, they did reshoots to fix the SnyderVerse, not eliminate it. It was at this point when insiders said that Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot returned in secret.

The Flash Removes Two SnyderVerse Actors

The Flash Removes Two SnyderVerse Actors

Gunn has had experience with the MCU. He’s also having upcoming projects for the DC Universe. People even loved his Suicide Squad spinoff Peacemaker. Because of this, many expected that the SnyderVerse could have been in good hands.

It was a surprise to many when they put a stop to Wonder Woman 3. But what’s more surprising is when Gunn announced that they’ll be making a new Superman without Henry Cavill. Rarely do I see people this angry, sad, and even mourning for Cavill’s end as Superman.

Even when we knew about Cavill leaving, we were actually still looking forward to seeing Cavill and Gadot on screen. But to cut their scenes?

Sometimes we wonder if Gunn and Safran really understand the audience. But make no mistake, I do believe that they know what they are doing to make a long franchise. It’s just not the one we expected.