Charlie Cox’ Daredevil: All Rumored Upcoming MCU Appearances

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Charlie Cox’ Daredevil All Rumored Upcoming MCU Appearances

Marvel Studios continues development of their reboot of Charlie CoxDaredevil in the MCU; here is everything we know.

When Netflix announced that the Marvel shows will be cancelled, we were all worried what would happen to the shows since some of them really did succeed establishing their characters.

While Netflix did an amazing job with most of them, they felt a little pulled back compared to the Marvel Studios-produced movies.

Moreover, they did pale in comparison to the new Marvel shows that were streamed exclusively on Disney Plus.

It’s just good news that Marvel Studios plans to retain what works. Nevertheless, we have to note that MCU head Kevin Feige still considers the Netflix shows as non-canon.

Charlie Cox’ Daredevil: All Rumored Upcoming MCU Appearances

Image: Marvel Comics Group

Comics-Accurate Costumes

Netflix’ Daredevil had the closest to a comic book accurate look compared to all the other shows under their brand.

However, it was still missing a vital piece of design: The DD logo on his chest.

Don’t get us wrong; Netflix did a great job with his outfit.

It gave enough reason how Daredevil got a body-fit armor and it makes perfect sense.

It’s just missing details.

Although the main issue in most cases is that all the villains and other famous characters didn’t have their comics look.

They grounded it too much to reality that it was a disappointment to some fans.

For example, Stilt-Man was reduced to an Easter Egg than anything.

Marvel has proven that comic book accurate suits work well if done right.

When we saw the Avengers as a complete team for the first time, it was an amazing sight that most of us thought would never see in live action.

And yet, it works. And when we saw all the heroes in Avengers: Endgame, it was just jaw dropping.

We’re sure that with Marvel now working on getting the character into the MCU, they’ll make the new costumes closer to the comics.

Charlie Cox’ Daredevil: All Rumored Upcoming MCU Appearances

Charlie Cox’ Daredevil: All Rumored Upcoming MCU Appearances

Image: Marvel Comics Group

New Villains

Daredevil has a lot of enemies.

Just as most of Marvel’s famous characters, Daredevil has his own list of villains.

Netflix did what they can with just a three-season run.

But we never really saw them the way we wanted to see them.

Marvel plans to bring them back, but properly this time.

We are not sure if they’ll be keeping the same actors, since they don’t consider the Netflix shows as canon.

But for sure that they won’t ignore Bullseye since he’s considered as one of Daredevil’s notable arch rivals.

But Daredevil has a ton more enemies that Marvel Studios can choose from.

Marvel has even discussed using Mister Fear.

Marvel is interested with villains that are visually striking.

Charlie Cox’ Daredevil: All Rumored Upcoming MCU Appearances

Image: Netflix

Elektra Lives Again

Elektra Natchios was last seen in 2017’s The Defenders.

She was Daredevil’s first love.

They reunited.

She died and was resurrected and fought Daredevil.

She was played in Elodie Yung.

Marvel Studios wants Elektra back.

Mainly because she is one of the best rivals and partners of Daredevil.

Yung wasn’t really bad playing her role.

It’s just too bad that the Netflix show didn’t really establish her as well as they could.

If you summarize the entire series, she didn’t have that same impact as the other characters.

Because of that, it’s possible that she maybe recast.

20th Century Fox didn’t adapt her story arc properly.

There is more to Elektra before she died, and so much more when she resurrected.

Charlie Cox’ Daredevil: All Rumored Upcoming MCU Appearances

Charlie Cox’ Daredevil: All Rumored Upcoming MCU Appearances


Daredevil had close relationships in the Netflix series, primarily with Elektra Natchios and Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll).

Similar to this closeness is his relationship with Echo.

This is not only because she is just as highly skilled as he is.

Rather, she is just as disadvantaged as he is.

Echo is deaf while Daredevil is blind.

Maya Lopez, also known as Echo, is cast. Alaqua Cox plays Echo.

She’ll be making her debut in the Disney Plus series Hawkeye which stars Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld.

Echo is planned to have her own spin-off series in Disney Plus.

At this time, the series is not part of the Phase Four shows.

Her character in the comics is known to have a romantic relationship with Matt Murdock.

It is presumed that Echo and Daredevil will have their romance also translated onscreen.

This, we presume, is where Daredevil will continue his story, but from the point of view of Echo.

Image: Marvel Comics Group


Daredevil will show up back on the TV screen earlier than we anticipated.

This was a report from the YouTube channel Everything Always.

The Echo series for Disney Plus still has no schedule.

On the other hand, She-Hulk is already filming and is expected to be released in 2022.

So far, it’s only rumored that Matt Murdock but not Daredevil will show up onscreen.

This is expected since She-Hulk, also known as Jennifer Walters (played by Tatiana Maslany), is just like Murdock.

She’s a lawyer.

It’s not a surprise that they may either be on opposing sides or they may work together.

Charlie Cox’ Daredevil: All Rumored Upcoming MCU Appearances

Charlie Cox’ Daredevil: All Rumored Upcoming MCU Appearances

Spider-Man: No Way Home

There are rumors that the Daredevil might show up on Spider-Man: No Way Home but no confirmation as of yet.

Just as soon as No Way Home is doing reshoots, Charlie Cox had to cancel his scheduled appearance at the Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio.

He couldn’t attend because of a “last minute filming schedule.”

And based on his IMDB he has no other projects except for Kin which already wrapped filming.

She-Hulk started filming on April 10, 2021 and is expected to end on August 30, 2021.

But since this is scheduled, it doesn’t make sense if Charlie Cox had to leave immediately since it doesn’t fit the “last-minute” category.

Because of this, people speculated that he might be part of No Way Home.

It seems that Daredevil is being established in more ways than one, cementing his place in the MCU.

Image: Marvel Comics Group


Charlie Cox is planned to show up first in the Hawkeye series. Hawkeye is scheduled to be released on November 24, 2021 on Disney Plus.

Echo is already confirmed to have a role in Hawkeye.

But is there a chance that Matt Murdock would meet her here first before the Echo solo program?

We are not sure in what capacity he will show up, nor do we expect that he’ll be wearing his Daredevil suit.

Wouldn’t it be great if he did though?

We are not sure if this is a cameo role.

But for sure that Daredevil is slowly being established in the MCU.

Charlie Cox’ Daredevil: All Rumored Upcoming MCU Appearances

Image: Netflix

The Kingpin Returns

One of the best things Netflix has done was get Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk, also known as the Kingpin.

His portrayal of Fisk was one of the best we’ve seen, and it was perfect.

He was not just any other villain; you understand his mind and you feel for him, too.

Daredevil and Fisk has the same goals of saving Hell’s Kitchen.

While Daredevil does crime fighting to save the city, Fisk uses crime to get his way.

Kingpin could return in Hawkeye.

Although it’s not confirmed, it seems plausible especially since Echo is showing up in the series.

In the comics, Echo (Maya Lopez) is the adopted daughter of Wilson Fisk.

We don’t know how prominent he will be in the Hawkeye series; it might just be an introduction to his character more than anything else at this time.

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