Charlie Cox’ Daredevil To Face New Villains at Marvel Studios

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Charlie Cox Daredevil Marvel Studios


Charlie Cox’ Daredevil won’t just have a different look with Marvel Studios; new villains are going to be introduced, too.

As I recently leaked, Disney hasn’t decided which streaming platform to place Daredevil on.

The two main choices are Disney Plus and Hulu. While Disney owns FX as well, I am hearing that Daredevil is simply too big of a project for that channel.

On Disney Plus, Daredevil would have a substantially larger budget. However, the series won’t be as graphic as its Netflix predecessor.

Nevertheless, the upcoming The Falcon and the Winter Soldier received the equivalent of an R rating in the Netherlands.

Disney Plus also proved on Season Two of The Mandalorian that brutal violence can be shown on the streamer; they simply removed the blood.

Nobody complained that Boba Fett was toned down, after all.

Charlie Cox’ Daredevil To Face New Villains at Marvel Studios

Charlie Cox Daredevil Marvel Studios

Image: Netflix

Hulu wouldn’t reign in the savagery; on the other hand, it wouldn’t have the big bucks fueling it like on Disney Plus.

Whatever Disney selects, one thing is becoming clear: Daredevil will have an expanded rogues’ gallery; furthermore, they won’t be always rooted in the streets.

When Charlie Cox returns, he will have his hands full with some freaks.

I mentioned a new Bullseye in a previous report. And he won’t be the only one with a comics-accurate adaptation.

Charlie Cox Daredevil Marvel Studios

Mr. Fear. Image: Marvel Comics

Mister Fear could be fighting Charlie Cox on the show.

Marvel Studios has discussed using Mister Fear as among Daredevil’s new foes. However, there are several versions of the character.

The MCU likes to mash up past and present, and this will probably fall in that category.

Alongside Stilt-Man and the Jester that I revealed before, it seems like Marvel Studios is looking for villains that are visually striking.

As with the upcoming Moon Knight on Disney Plus, a pattern veering towards weirdness is emerging although the grit remains.

Vincent D’Onofrio was an unstoppable force of energy as the Kingpin in Netflix’ Daredevil. The poetic beauty of his performance should have reaped awards.

Alongside Charlie Cox, Vincent D’Onofrio is among the actors Marvel Studios wants back.

But no negotiations with Vincent D’Onofrio have begun yet.

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Charlie Cox Daredevil Marvel Studios

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