Charlie Cox Will Appear on Disney Plus’ She-Hulk

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Charlie Cox‘ Daredevil will make the leap from Netflix to Disney Plus on She-Hulk.

In fact, according to Michael Roman of the Everything Always YouTube channel, Charlie Cox filmed his scene already.

Roman revealed that Charlie Cox was on the She-Hulk set in Atlanta, Georgia on April 30.

Moreover, the scene is a cameo with Charlie Cox in his lawyer secret identity, Matt Murdock.

There has been speculation that She-Hulk will meet Murdock on her series as they’re both attorneys; however, this is the first trustworthy account of that meeting.

Notice, though, that Roman emphasizes Charlie Cox appears as Murdock and not Daredevil.

My sources said that Marvel Studios is saving the costumed Daredevil reveal in a larger, possibly theatrical project.

The latter could be Spider-Man: No Way Home as Charlie Cox is rumored for that film.

However, I strongly believe that he won’t have his suit on him then.

Daredevil was among the most popular and acclaimed of Netflix’ Marvel TV programs.

Charlie Cox Will Appear on Disney Plus’ She-Hulk

Daredevil's Echo Lands Own Disney Plus Series

Image: Marvel Comics

On April 5, I scooped that Daredevil will be on Disney Plus’ Echo show that’s now in development at Marvel Studios.

Echo is a love interest of Daredevil.

On Disney Plus, Daredevil would have a substantially larger budget.

However, the series won’t be as graphic as its Netflix predecessor.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier received the equivalent of an R rating in the Netherlands.

Charlie Cox’ Daredevil won’t just have a different look with Marvel Studios; new villains are going to be introduced, too.

But Daredevil’s own series is still years away.

For now, it looks like Marvel Studios is gradually introducing him to characters that he didn’t interact with on Netflix.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has placed Daredevil under his reliable, powerful wings now.

On April 30, I observed that Charlie Cox’ solemn Daredevil would seem out of place on She-Hulk‘s comedy.

Nevertheless, as Murdock I see Charlie Cox finding common ground with fellow attorney Jennifer Walters.

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