Michael Keaton Isn’t The DCEU’s Batman

Written By Kieran Bugg

Michael Keaton is in Batgirl, but he’s not the Batman of the DCEU.

Warner Bros. released the Batgirl credits via press release.

Michael Keaton is in the cast.

Yes, he’s returning as Batman.

Or at least Bruce Wayne.

Social media exploded.

But here’s the odd part: it’s old news.

Deadline initially announced this on June 22, 2020.

While it wasn’t official then, this shouldn’t be a shock.

Michael Keaton’s presence in Batgirl has been public for over a year.

Did Doctor Strange cast a memory spell over the general public?

Alas, for some media outlets, this means the other Batman, Ben Affleck, has no way home.

No, it doesn’t.

Fueling this is Affleck’s claims of quitting IP films.

Moreover, people assumed he meant DC Films.

Then again, actors don’t lie.

Michael Keaton Isn’t The DCEU’s Batman

Michael Keaton Isn’t The DCEU’s Batman

Image: Getty Images

They always tell the truth.

They never deny.


Not only that, they don’t change their minds.

The assumption is that with Michael Keaton in, Affleck is out.

God forbid there are two Batmans in a single movie.

Multiple versions of the same superhero in a film?

That’d never succeed.

On December 17, Geekosity owner Mikey Sutton reported that Affleck is in Batgirl.

Furthermore, Sutton revealed it’s merely a “cameo.”

In addition, he could be “minus the costume.”

Keep in mind Michael Keaton and Affleck are both in The Flash.

Batgirl ties in with The Flash.

So what part doesn’t make sense?

In any case, production on Batgirl looks to be moving along nicely.

Besides Michael Keaton, its growing cast including: Leslie Grace, Brendan Fraser and J.K. Simmons.

Simmons, of course, appeared with Affleck’s Batman.

But that doesn’t support theories from the anti-Snyder wing of comicdom.

Perhaps Doctor Strange will Scooby-Doo that crap?

Before Batgirl, Michael Keaton returns in The Flash.

Going forward, there were rumors of Michael Keaton taking on a Nick Fury-esque role.

Michael Keaton Isn’t The DCEU’s Batman

Image: Warner Animation Group

Michael Keaton wears his Dark Knight outfit in The Flash.

From there, he’s headed to Batman Beyond.

At least, that was the plan in June 2020.

While many fans are overjoyed to hear there’s more Michael Keaton Batman in the future, some worry.

Others were hopeful that if any version of Batman was going to appear in Batgirl, it’d be Affleck’s.

Nothing in the press release disputed it, though.

After all, Batgirl is set in the DCEU wherein Affleck’s Dark Knight resides.

Indeed, Simmons will be reprising his role as Commissioner Gordon from Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

That reveals the movie’s setting further.

So what’s going on?

Will Affleck’s Batman die in The Flash?

Old news, once again.

That was changed after The Snyder Cut.

Until The Flash is released, there’ll be questions.

Undoubtedly Affleck’s appearance in The Flash will ignite the base.

Look at Andrew Garfield.

A year ago, many would’ve scoffed at Sony continuing his Spider-Man saga.

Now they’re campaigning for it.

A source explained:

Warner Bros. is not going to kill Ben Affleck’s Batman after what happened to Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man. Garfield is bigger than ever.

Michael Keaton Isn’t The DCEU’s Batman

Image: Warner Bros

Insiders add that Affleck will ask for more money if The Flash takes off.

He’s waiting.

Of course, the Discovery-Warner merger has to close first as well.

But that’s not about Batgirl.

It’s about him staying as the DCEU’s Batman.

If current Warner Bros. execs had their way, the DCEU wouldn’t even exist at all.

DC Films president Walter Hamada wants standalone pics.

Matt Reeves’ The Batman epitomizes that vision.

The Warner Bros. regime don’t know how to connect the dots like Marvel Studios or even their own Greg Berlanti.

Rip it up and start again, as Edwyn Collins once sang.

Things will change once Discovery is through the door.

So it looks like we’re stuck with Hamada burgers for now.

Nonetheless, it’s not for long as Discovery drops Order 66 and delivers Snyder steaks.

As for Michael Keaton, he’s 70.

Granted, he looks to be in fine shape.

On the other hand, grandpa is not your long-term Dark Knight.

Rather, he’s Old Man Wayne.


Affleck remains in the picture.

Faith, Alfred, faith.

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