Snyderverse Discussed To Be Restored After WarnerMedia-Discovery Merger

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Snyderverse Discussed To Be Restored After WarnerMedia-Discovery Merger

The Snyderverse could be restored by mid-2022, shortly after the WarnerMedia-Discovery merger is finalized.

On May 17, I reported that a deal worth over $100 billion unites WarnerMedia and Discovery.

Moreover, they’d create a new company: Warner Bros. Discovery.

The agreement combines WarnerMedia and Discovery’s collection of streaming and cable channels.

In addition, Discovery CEO David Zaslav takes over the organization.

WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar is expected to remain in his position until the companies complete their merger next year.

After that, expect dramatic changes.

Insiders revealed that Warner Bros. chairman and CEO Ann Sarnoff; DC Films president Walter Hamada; and Warner Bros. Pictures Group Toby Emmerich are not expected to remain.

A source explained that:

“AT&T would never have spun off WarnerMedia to Discovery Inc. if they were pleased with their performances.”

Consequently, it doesn’t make sense for them to retain the status quo.

The names are familiar to many Zack Snyder fans who don’t even follow corporate actions.

They represent the decision to no longer pursue the Snyderverse.

The new regime will handle the situation differently.

An insider revealed that Zaslav has seen the actual numbers of The Snyder Cut on HBO Max.

He cannot make any decisions to resurrect it until the deal is done; nevertheless, multiple sources indicate that is where he is headed from private discussions.

Another insider leaked that Zaslav is focused on producing more content that audiences seek, especially WarnerMedia’s most popular IPs.

Snyderverse Discussed To Be Restored After WarnerMedia-Discovery Merger

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This may seem like common sense; after all, it’s the mission of every successful business.

But personal grudges of Warner execs against Snyder overrode logic.

To be fair, 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice crashed their box-office expectations.

However, creative interference disturbed the final product.

By 2017’s Justice League, Warner Bros. replaced Snyder with Joss Whedon and butchered it.

They trashed his vision.

Apparently, Zaslav isn’t judging Snyder by the past.

He is focused on how well Zack Snyder’s Justice League performed.

The four-hour epic is unfiltered Snyder.

Its solid performance on HBO Max left Zaslav thinking how they could take advantage of it.

Zaslav has no issues with Snyder; they’ve never worked together.

This is all about money; if restoring the Snyderverse can build the value of Warner Bros. Discovery, Zaslav is reportedly all in.

As of now, no discussions have begun with Snyder that I am aware of.

That likely won’t happen until after the merger.

A source added that Zaslav is focused on streaming at the moment.

I have emphasized in the past that the Snyderverse’s future will likely be on HBO Max.

But that’s subject to evolve as well.

Snyderverse Discussed To Be Restored After WarnerMedia-Discovery Merger

Image: Warner Bros Pictures

Marvel Studios reloads yearly.

The introductions of Deadpool, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four will enable the MCU to continue their domination.

In contrast, insiders stress that DC Films’ bench, as envisioned by Hamada, is weak in comparison without the Snyderverse.

Outside of Black Adam, Aquaman 2, and hopefully The Batman, there is tremendous uncertainty.

Will Wonder Woman 3 recapture the heights of the first?

Is Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight enough to propel The Flash?

Zaslav is no comic-book expert.

A source added that:

Zaslav wants to expand DC’s most familiar properties – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman. The Justice League. And, by that, I mean Snyder’s version.

On the surface, this sounds like wishful thinking.

But I’ve stayed on this narrative for months now.

Even when Sarnoff seemingly nailed the Snyderverse coffin shut, I was hearing otherwise.

When I famously debunked Spider-Gate in August 2019, that sounded like wishful thinking as well.

The lesson here is: Follow the money.

The path leads to the Snyderverse.

Bank on it.

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