See the Batman-Related Leaked Photos From The Flash Movie (Updated)

Written by Edwin Francisco

See the Batman-Related Leaked Photos from The Flash Movie

Andy Muschietti’s The Flash has another leak of more photos from the production site, revealing Batman’s classic Batmobile.

The Flash is not getting a break.

This time, we have a Supergirl leak. It shows Sasha Calle in costume with her Supergirl cape on with a dark backdrop.

The Batcave.

And a test screen of Ezra Miller entering the Batcave.

Update: The images have been removed due to the request of Warner Media. (But, once it’s on the internet…)

Moreover, there’s even a video of Miller with a double showing two versions of Barry Allen goofing around while waiting for the cameras to roll.

But what stood out was the Batman leak. The Batmobile.

It’s the 1989 version from Tim Burton’s movie which is also nicknamed the Keaton-mobile.

The car was built upon a Chevrolet Impala chassis with a modified 1970 Corvette.

The look of the car was also inspired from Richard Noble’s Thrust2 (1983), which held a speed record of 634.051 mph; hence, the reason why the Batmobile has a rocket booster.

The ’89 version is one of the most iconic and was featured in Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns (1992).

That version of the Batmobile defined the look for several generations.

New Batman Leak And More From The Flash Set Photos

You can’t deny that it had an impact on how we see the Batmobile.

Yes, it did change; nevertheless, you can still see how it inspired many of the cars moving forward.

From Batman: The Animated Series (1992) up until Batman & Robin (1997) with George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell.

The sight of the ’89 Batmobile on set is further proof that the DCEU multiverse is now happening; in fact, it’s just when Marvel Studios’ Loki recently confirmed that they also have a multiverse.

It was only when Christopher Nolan took helm of the Dark Knight in 2005’s Batman Begins that the car shifted its look to get away from the elongated version.

A New Leak From The Flash Film Shows Us Supergirl, Batman’s Batmobile And More


Furthermore, it went for a tank design. Frank Miller’s 1986 The Dark Knight Returns comic book inspired it.

The Frank Miller Batmobile tank version was more visible in Zack Snyder’s Justice League but only for a brief moment.

We also have heard reports that Ben Affleck has also started filming his scenes with Michael Keaton for The Flash, yet we haven’t seen any pictures of him.

Warner Bros. is trying to control the rumors as much as possible; moreover, they’ve been taking down the leaked images as fast as they can.

It’s great to see that the 1989 Batmobile is going to be back in action again.

The Flash is scheduled to be released on November 4, 2022.

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