Secret Wars Writer Possibly Confirms Black Costume Spider-Man In MCU Movie

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Secret Wars Writer Possibly Confirms Black Costume Spider-Man In MCU Movie

Spider-Man‘s black costume could be headed to the MCU as Marvel offered Secret Wars writer/creator Jim Shooter a new deal.

Shooter and artist Mike Zeck introduced the striking black-and-white outfit in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars No. 8 in 1984.

However, Spider-Man’s costume gained historical significance as it formed the basis of Venom.

It was actually a sentient alien symbiote.

Eddie Brock became its host, and Venom was born.

At Megacon in Florida, Shooter seemingly confirmed a live-action Secret Wars film from Marvel Studios. In addition, he specifically addressed Spider-Man’s black outfit.

Marvel Studios has been planning their movies for the long run; that we know. Even now, they are already on the ground work for Phase 4.

In fact, Editor-in-Chief Mikey Sutton initially scooped a Secret Wars film in October 2019 on several YouTube channels. This was several years prior to Loki opening the multiverse doors to Secret Wars.

Luis Gonzalez of the Geek Culture Congress podcast provided Geekosity with an exclusive recording of Shooter’s discussion.

Gonzalez asked Shooter about the potential of a Secret Wars movie.

Shooter’s response was startlingly candid.

Shooter revealed that David Bogart, the Senior Vice President of Operations & Procurement, Publishing at Marvel Entertainment, contacted him about Secret Wars.

Watch: Secret Wars Writer Possibly Confirms Black Costume Spider-Man

When Shooter asked Bogart about its purpose, he replied that:

I can’t really talk about it. But you know we would like you to sign a work-for-hire.

Shooter told him:

So, fine, send it to me. I did a work-for-hire. It’s yours. You know, just send me the papers, I’ll sign them.

Bogart then made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

No, no, no. We’re prepared to pay you $10,000. Sign your name.

Shooter explained:

You don’t have to pay me anything. I know it was work-for-hire. What do you want me to do, lie about it?

He added that Marvel:

Didn’t have a single piece of paper that said the Beyonder, Titania, Volcana, and any other characters that we’ve put in there. There’s Spider-Woman for that matter and the whole black costume thing, nothing. No piece of paper that they owned it.

In other words, Marvel didn’t want to take any chances. Shooter signed an agreement that he is the author of Secret Wars, and he did work for Marvel Comics at the time.

But there were no Marvel movies in 1984. Streaming television did not exist.

Disney wanted to secure any potential legal issues.

Initially, Shooter felt it odd that Marvel approached him with a new contract for a story from nearly 40 years ago.

Secret Wars Writer Possibly Confirms Black Costume Spider-Man In MCU Movie

Secret Wars Writer Possibly Confirms Black Costume Spider-Man

It became obvious what was happening.

Shooter asked

This means you’re making a movie, right?

Bogart replied:

What? I’m not allowed to tell you that.

Shooter observed:

I think you just did.

What is Secret Wars?

The original Secret Wars was a major event in the Marvel history.

It was the first ever company-wide crossover event.

The book preceded DC Comics’ own Crisis of Infinite Earths in 1986.

It was originally titled Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars, but it’s more commonly known as Secret Wars.

The Beyonder was the mastermind behind Secret Wars.

He teleported superheroes and villains against their will to Battleworld. This was more like an arena setup where they were brought there to fight each other.

The comic book was simple but fun since it was great to see so many characters interacting with each other.

At the time, it was the first time something like it happened on that scale.


Mattel’s Secret Wars toy line didn’t sell well. Nevertheless, they are collectors’ items today.

On the other hand, Secret Wars was considered to be a best-seller when it was published in 1984. It sold more copies than any other comic in the previous 25 years.

Writer Possibly Confirms Black Costume Spider-Man

Image: Marvel Comics Group

Secret Wars No. 8, the debut of Spider-Man in his black suit, sells for hundreds now in Near Mint condition.

Because of its success, Marvel Comics has kept it a tradition. They continue making major events similar to Secret Wars. You can imagine how much this influenced Marvel. Because of it, we now have Civil War, Secret Invasion, House of M, and more.

Shooter was also the Editor-in-Chief at Marvel Comics.

He was the writer of this epic storyline.

He also got artists Mike Zeck and Bob Layton to work on the project.

Secret Wars was a limited series that ran from 1984 up to 1985. This storyline was developed at the request of Mattel. They wanted to build a Marvel toy line to compete with Kenner Toys. After all, Kenner already had a deal with DC Comics at the time.

Secret Wars Writer Possibly Confirms Black Costume Spider-Man In MCU Movie

This event involve a lot of major characters in the Marvel Universe. It also other featured comic tie-ins, too, such as The Amazing Spider-Man.

By the time it had a cameo in The Amazing Spider-Man No. 299 in 1988, the alien costume was Venom.

A legend was born.

Secret Wars Movie

Just like that, it seems that Bogart himself did say that Marvel Studios is already planning a Secret Wars film, confirming Sutton’s scoop. While not official, it’s close.

The original Secret Wars was generally light and fun. It does create some great action seeing so many heroes and villains gathered together in a single location.

You may look at this like the battle of Avengers: Endgame that included so many heroes. Now imagine that they will be fighting known villains, too.

The Russo Brothers themselves already hinted their interest in coming back to Marvel to direct Secret Wars in July 2020. Mainly because they are obsessed to see all the heroes together into one movie.

For them, it is too exciting to pass up the opportunity to do that on the silver screen. This will include the X-Men and black costume Spider-Man.

Remember it took three phases to tell the story of the Infinity Saga.

Image: Sony Pictures

Secret Wars Writer Possibly Confirms Black Costume Spider-Man In MCU Movie

From my perspective, it’s not impossible to see that it will take more phases before they start working on Secret Wars.

It’ll be their new Endgame.

We know Kang The Conqueror is one of the main villains of Phase 4.

Kang was in Secret Wars.

Marvel Studios has been very happy with how the Russo Brothers have made their movies.

Furthermore, Marvel Studios definitely has the heart to do what they can to make Secret Wars a reality.

It might be even be that the Russo Brothers were the ones who prompted Marvel to organize the next few movies on how they will move forward after Endgame.

Since Secret Wars will happen sometime after Loki‘s multiverse war, we might even see crossovers that were impossible just a few years ago.

We have reported that we may see Anthony Mackie’s Captain America facing Chris Evans’ Captain America evil variant.

Or what about Captain Carter herself, too?

Will Loki get the chance to return to the proper MCU timeline after Secret Wars?

Or will a variant of Iron Man show up to help?

Will this be the picture where we’ll see Spider-Man wear the black costume?

Thanks to Shooter, Secret Wars is becoming less of a secret.

With help from Geekosity producer/Editor James Simon.

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