Exclusive: Robert Downey Jr. to Return in MCU’s ‘Secret Wars’?

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I recently dropped that Secret Wars was to Span the Next Phases of The MCU on Film and Disney+.

And on one of these Battleworlds, the Avengers are going to meet Tony Stark.

Not the Stark who died in Endgame but a Stark from a parallel Earth who is recruited by Reed Richards into joining the Illuminati. Marvel Studios wants Robert Downey Jr. back as Stark, and this is an opportunity for him to reprise the role without tarnishing his sacrifice in Endgame.

Notice I said Stark but not Iron Man. Kevin Feige doesn’t want a rehash; nevertheless, it doesn’t mean this Stark won’t toss on the armor if needed. This Stark will have Spider-Man idolizing him on his world, too, but it’s Miles Morales and not Peter Parker. (Don’t worry: Tom Holland isn’t going anywhere.) Whether RDJ agrees to this, only time will tell.

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