Jon Bernthal’s New Punisher Series Likely Headed To Hulu

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New Punisher Series Jon Bernthal Hulu Netflix

When Jon Bernthal returns with a new Punisher series, it’ll likely be on Hulu.

Netflix shocked the world yesterday.

Marvel’s Defenders shows will leave Netflix at February’s end.

Prior to Disney Plus, Netflix was the streaming home for Marvel TV.

Daredevil debuted on April 10, 2015.

Moreover, Daredevil was the beginning of Marvel’s first adult programming.

Dark and violent, Daredevil set the tone for the others.

Critics and fans praised The Punisher, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage for their gritty realism.

Iron Fist and The Defenders weren’t as well received.

Nevertheless, they were part of an impressive group.

However, Netflix cancelled Daredevil on November 29, 2018.

The other Defenders followed as Kevin Feige took over Marvel TV.

By then, Marvel didn’t need Netflix anymore.

Jon Bernthal’s New Punisher Series Likely Headed To Hulu

Marvel Wants Punisher War Journal As Title For New Series With Comic Accurate Villains 4

Image: Netflix

After all, Disney Plus was about to launch.

In other words, Netflix became competition.

Still, those programs remained on Netflix.

Although they had no new episodes, their catalog was on Netflix.

By February 28, not anymore.

Disney had no comment about the movie.

Quite frankly, it was quite a surprise.

Netflix was expected to keep those programs.

Although Netflix doesn’t own the IPs, they paid to make those shows.

Sources revealed that “some money” transferred between Disney and Sony for this to happen.

The specifics are unknown. Still, this hasn’t been confirmed.

Will Disney keep the continuity of The Punisher and related series?

Insiders claim that Marvel Studios president will keep what he likes and jettison the rest.

With the multiverse format, he can do this.

On one hand, this is actually old news.

On September 15, 2019, I leaked this would happen.

At the time, Hulu or FX were the possible destinations of The Punisher and the others.

For Jon Bernthal and The Punisher, it doesn’t look like that’s changed.

On March 2, 2021, I leaked that Jon Bernthal would return in a Punisher War Journal show.

The title is from a late ’80s Punisher comics series.

Will Marvel Studios stick to that idea? Perhaps. Nonetheless, they want Jon Bernthal back as Frank Castle.

Feige is aware that the Punisher wouldn’t work on Disney Plus.

The character is steeped in violence.

Thus, he wouldn’t fit on Disney Plus.

In addition, it’s doubtful Jon Bernthal would accept a toned-down Punisher.

Disney hasn’t announced where The Punisher will go, new or old.

Insiders insist Hulu is his new home.

Welcome back, Frank.

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