Grant Morrison’s Animal Man Could Supercharge DC Studios’ Weak Slate

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Grant Morrison‘s Animal Man could provide DC Studios‘ anemic slate with an invigorating jolt. YouTube personality Syl Abdul reported that an Animal Man TV series is in the works at DC Studios. Without a doubt, Abdul has the most accurate track record when it comes to DC scoops. In late July, Abdul scooped that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom added Ben Affleck’s Batman.

Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa, confirmed the report the day after we covered it. Thus, when Abdul drops a DC leak, bank on it.

However, Animal Man news won’t set the world on fire. Especially DC devotees still burned by James Gunn’s reset. Indeed, the chorus of boos over Henry Cavill’s abrupt exit as Superman continues to ring loud. Much of the excitement towards DC right now has switched to YouTuber Skiiwalker Tha Jedi‘s #SellZSJLtoNetflix campaign.

Although made before Gunn became co-CEO of DC Studios, Shazam! Fury of the Gods will tank hard. It’s doubtful Gal Gadot can save it. Given that Gunn’s DC Studios partner Peter Safran produced the Shazam! sequel, he’ll have to partially take the blame for its projected failure.

Grant Morrison’s Animal Man Could Supercharge DC Studios’ Weak Slate

Grant Morrison's Animal Man Could Supercharge DC Studios' Weak Slate

Image: Warner Bros. Discovery

DC Studios has a huge hole to crawl up from, and it’s about to get wider and deeper.

As expected, Gunn plans to introduce more of DC’s lesser-known characters into his DC universe to compete with Marvel Studios. When revealing the franchise’s first chapter, Gunn announced that an animated Creature Commandos series was in development.

Eyes rolled. Moreover, he further announced a movie based on the superhero team The Authority was in the works for a future release. Projects starring Booster Gold and Swamp Thing were also confirmed.

Already there’s been much speculation about other potential films and TV series that could also be on the horizon. After all, there’s nothing too strange or outlandish is off the table when it comes to Gunn.

In addition, it’s now been reported that another obscure DC Comics character will soon be making their DCU debut. Abdul revealed that Grant Morrison’s Animal Man is currently being developed for HBO Max. To clarify, Grant Morrison didn’t create Animal Man. Animal Man was the brainchild of writer Dave Wood and artist Carmine Infantino. He debuted in Strange Adventures No. 180 in 1965.

On the other hand, it was Grant Morrison’s post-punk makeover of Animal Man in 1988 that redefined the character. Animal Man, Buddy Baker, has the ability to possess the powers of any animal he chooses. On the surface, his name and abilities could be seen as wacky. But for 26 issues Grant Morrison wrote an adult superhero comic book that touched on vegetarianism and animal rights. Its most brilliant tale, “The Coyote Gospel,” basically has Wile E. Coyote meeting God (Animal Man No. 5).

Without a doubt, Animal Man is out there. Of course it is. It’s Grant Morrison.

Via his YouTube channel, Abdul revealed:

“A little birdie says that if you’re fans of the DCU and what James Gunn’s going to do coming up, you realise that he’s going to use all the D-list characters possible right? And among those D-list characters is Animal Man.”

Grant Morrison’s Animal Man Could Supercharge DC Studios’ Weak Slate

Certainly, Animal Man won’t lift Warner Bros. Discovery from its financial woes. In addition, it’s unlikely to leave a dent on Marvel Studios’ commercial domination. On the other hand, it’ll help Gunn cement a cutting-edge perspective on DC properties.

Animal Man could bring a Netflix-esque coolness factor to DC on HBO Max.

If anything, it’ll provide DC followers a smarter alternative to the goofiness of Gunn’s Peacemaker. That is, if it’s executed well.