Netflix Becomes Key In Restore The SnyderVerse Movement

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Netflix Becomes Key In Restore The SnyderVerse Movement
Netflix has become key in restoring the SnyderVerse, which DC Studios’ reboot has smashed to pieces. To clarify, this isn’t a rumor. To our knowledge, Netflix and Warner Bros. Discovery haven’t discussed this idea at all. Rather, YouTube personality Skiiwalker Tha Jedi came up with the idea. Afterward, he launched a Twitter campaign to #SellZSJLtoNetflix.
And it exploded.
At first, the predictable criticisms and accusations of fan fiction popped with it. However, Skiiwalker never claimed he dropped a scoop. Still, it has roots in public knowledge. On September 16, 2022, The Hollywood Reporter published an article about WBD’s new strategy for licensing. To summarize, WBD will “aggressively pursue rights deals — even for its core brands.”

Netflix Becomes Key In Restore The SnyderVerse Movement

Netflix Becomes Key In Restore The SnyderVerse Movement

Image: Warner Bros. Discovery

In fact, it’s been happening already. Especially with DC properties. For example, DC Comics’ The Sandman already found a home at Netflix. Moreover, creator/writer Neil Gaiman’s dark fantasy is hugely successful at Netflix. The streamer even gave the green light for Season Two.

Therefore, why not the SnyderVerse?

First of all, the SnyderVerse never officially existed at now-defunct DC Films. The fans created the term. Secondly, WBD won’t sell DC IPs to Netflix. Instead, this refers to licensing. Specifically, Zack Snyder’s Justice League and its sequels. It may be an uphill climb, but there’s a possibility that WBD could let Netflix restore the SnyderVerse.

After all, when the Release The Snyder Cut campaign began, many believed it was a hopeless endeavor. In addition, Warner Bros. themselves would often respond to the movement’s goal as nothing more than a “pipe dream.”

Nonetheless, the impossible became reality in 2021 when the studio folded and finally released Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Upon its release, Snyder’s original version instantly proved itself to be vastly superior to director Joss Whedon’s 2017 train wreck.

It was thought that Snyder’s vision for the DCEU would be restored following the high praise his cut received. A new trend called #RestoreTheSnyderVerse began to gain traction online. Furthermore, things looked even more optimistic after Henry Cavill’s Superman made a long awaited return in Black Adam’s post-credit scene.

Sadly, it wasn’t to be once James Gunn and Peter Safran were both made the CEOs of the new DC Studios. Not long after this announcement, Gunn revealed that Cavill would not be playing Superman in their DCU plans. Instead, they would focusing a much younger version of the character in his early days as a superhero.

A full DC reboot is now now in effect.

As expected, this decision angered fans who were ecstatic to have Cavill back as the last son of Krypton. They’ve since threatened to boycott Gunn and Safran’s plans.

Netflix Becomes Key In Restore The SnyderVerse Movement

Netflix Becomes Key In Restore The SnyderVerse Movement

Image: Netflix

Following his departure from WB and the DCEU, Zack Snyder signed a lucrative deal with Netflix. His first job was to direct a sequel to his classic action horror film, Dawn of the Dead. Army Of The Dead became a huge hit for the streaming service and strengthened their partnership.

In addition, the director is now hard at work on his new sci-fi original movie, Rebel Moon. With Snyder’s future at Netflix looking bright, fans are now focused on a positive new campaign. This time to have WBD license ZSJL to Netflix so he can finally complete his original vision.
Of course this sounds far-fetched but then again, so was The Snyder Cut’s release. No one thought it would happen but here we are. In recent years, Warner Bros. have unsurprisingly found themselves in a messy financial situation. No doubt due to poor management and bad business decisions.
Should Netflix embrace the attention of the campaign and it’s support, it’s possible they could put a generous offer forward. Granted, Netflix has their own financial issues to conquer, especially with WBD.
But there’s hope once again. The SnyderVerse isn’t dead after all.
It just needs a new home.