DC Studios’ Reboot Is Justified If The Flash Is A Failure

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DC Studios‘ reboot will be justified if The Flash fails at the box office. In other words, DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn will have evidence that his decision not to #RestoreTheSnyderVerse; recast Superman and Batman; and cancel Man of Steel 2 were the wisest moves after all. At least to Warner Bros. Discovery executives including the king himself, David Zaslav.

Naysayers have been carrying the narrative that Zack Snyder’s dark DC vision needed to be buried. Kept in a time capsule where a “small” group of loyalists continue to hold watch parties. See the same three movies repeatedly while dreaming the impossible: Snyder back at WBD with new DC content.

Certainly, it’s doubtful that DC Studios would hire Snyder anyway. Gunn is going to put his fingerprints everywhere, and Snyder’s presence would throw his shadow over everything. And enough of this “Snyder has moved on from DC nonsense.”

That was the bogus story going into SnyderCon.

Snyder didn’t say goodbye to DC; instead, he hired Ray Porter’s Darkseid voice for the event’s ad; dropped a poster filled with cryptic SnyderVerse hints; and wrote “#SnyderVerse sell it!” for YouTube personality Skiiwalker Tha Jedi. In fact, Snyder himself stated his desire to finish his DC work. He revealed:

I love the world and obviously I’ve not put a small amount of effort into this mythology and you know we have done not also a small amount of work towards the eventualities of these scenarios might be. You know, as far as my experience with you guys and with this material has been incredibly satisfying, and I couldn’t be happier with the way that you guys have been able to dig in. We always talk about if you want to go deep on these movies, and on this mythology. It’s there, right?

And so, yes, would I be interested in whatever medium or whatever way these ideas would be made, of course I would! Yeah, and in the meantime we forge ahead and we do what we do.

DC Studios’ Reboot Is Justified If The Flash Is A Failure

DC Studios' Reboot Is Justified If The Flash Is A Failure

Image: Warner Bros. Discovery

Although The Flash‘s success doesn’t mean Snyder will be brought back, his actors certainly won’t be. After all, the SnyderVerse isn’t just about the filmmaker, but his stars. For example, The Flash 2 could have Ben Affleck’s Batman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

Neither of them have a place in Gunn’s DCU.

In addition, Skiiwalker’s #Sell ZSJLToNetflix gained heat this summer after Snyder’s nod of approval. Why would Netflix spend money on an IP that couldn’t fill seats in a theater?

Let’s not forget Henry Cavill wasn’t super enough to save Black Adam. Industry experts asked, “Where was the SnyderVerse audience to support Black Adam?”

Instead of buying tickets to Cavill’s cameo, there were online fights about Cavill in his blue outfit.

DC Studios’ Reboot Is Justified If The Flash Is A Failure

DC Studios' Reboot Is Justified If The Flash Is A Failure

Image: Warner Bros. Discovery

Some even credited Justice League director Joss Whedon for it. Did Whedon time travel back to 1938 and create it before writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster?

Did Whedon hire John Williams to compose the iconic Superman: The Movie score in 1978?

No, Snyder didn’t direct The Flash.

But director Andy Muschietti basically made a love letter to the SnyderVerse. Contrary to fake news, The Flash doesn’t end the SnyderVerse. On the other hand, its failure will.


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