The Flash’s Projected $70 Million Opening Is Completely Misleading

Written By Kieran Bugg

Nearly Half Want Ezra Miller's The Flash Cancelled In Recent Poll

The Flash‘s opening weekend box-office projection of $70 million is striking fear with DC fans, but a source told Geekosity that’s a misleading figure. Certainly, $70 million comes much lower than what the tracking data originally anticipated for the Ezra Miller film, which had $140 million at the top end.

And there are specific reasons for that.

Undoubtedly the biggest and most important movie for Warner Bros. Discovery this year is The Flash. Not only has the film been in development since 2014, it’s also one of DC’s most expensive movies ever made. The reported budget for The Flash ranges between $200 million and $220 million, and that’s without marketing.

In addition, The Flash has had its release date pushed back multiple times due to constant rewrites and reshoots. Not to mention the various directors and writers that have come and gone throughout the turbulent production.

Moreover, it’ll also serve as the reset for their next attempt at creating their own shared cinematic universe. The film will officially reboot the DC timeline and make way for James Gunn’s upcoming reboot.

So it’s no secret that a lot is riding on The Flash to be a colossal success.

The Flash’s Projected $70 Million Opening Is Completely Misleading

The Flash's Projected $70 Million Opening Is Completely Misleading

Image: Warner Bros. Discovery

An insider explained there are several factors for the sudden shift in tracking.

First, it’s mainly based on advance ticket sales right now. The picture won’t be released until June 16; that’s several weeks away. In other words, it’s too early. General audiences are focused on spending their cash on celebrating Memorial Day weekend or seeing The Little Mermaid in the theater, which just came out.

Second, there’s no mad rush to reserve seats for a DC movie being released next month. This isn’t an MCU event. DC’s brand simply doesn’t have that kind of golden reputation at the moment. After the back-to-back box-office disappointments of Black Adam and the Shazam! sequel, nobody is expecting tickets to sell out already.

In fact, many people are likely waiting for the Rotten Tomatoes scores before they open their wallets. And the studio is highly confident The Flash will win over critics from test screenings.

Geekosity founder Mikey Sutton discussed The Flash‘s box-office tracking on Rogues Gallery with Syl Abdul.

Still, anxiety follows The Flash.

It started spreading through Warner Bros. after star Miller found themself in trouble with the law. The actor was captured on video assaulting a woman and throwing her to the floor. Immediately this sent shock waves through social media calling for Miller’s firing from the role.

Nonetheless, Warner Bros. considered this to be an isolated incident that would blow over. It didn’t; it only got worse. The following year, Miller was arrested on more than one occasion for several serious offenses.

The Flash’s Projected $70 Million Opening Is Completely Misleading

The Flash's Projected $70 Million Opening Is Completely Misleading

Image: Warner Bros. Discovery

These ranged from assault, kidnapping, breaking and entering, theft, harassment and anti-social behavior. As a result, the Flash star became polarizing.

Since the film had already been shot, it was impossible for the studio to recast the role. Especially since Miller is billed to play two different versions of Barry Allen. Recasting would mean having to shoot the whole movie again, which just isn’t feasible. Instead, WBD is limiting Miller’s role in the film’s marketing campaign

Furthermore, they will decide on their future as the character after its been released. For now, Warner Bros. and DC remain determined to make sure The Flash is a success. After seeing the final cut the studio has great confidence in the movie’s critical and financial potential.

So much so that they held the premiere two months in advance at this year’s CinemaCon. Reactions were overwhelmingly positive. Even major celebrities like Tom Cruise, Jaden Smith, and Stephen King gave The Flash glowing reviews.

All that’s left is how well the film will perform financially. Shazam! Fury of the Gods opened with a dismal $30.1 million while Black Adam brought in $65 million. They both ended up bombing. While it’s too soon to accurately predict where The Flash will land at the finish line, its initial buzz more than suggests it won’t crash and burn.