The Flash Definitely Doesn’t Erase The SnyderVerse

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The Flash doesn’t erase the SnyderVerse; in fact, it doesn’t end it, either. YouTube scooper Syl Abdul has explained the SnyderVerse’s fate in the new post-credit scene for The Flash. There have been several reports stating that the SnyderVerse bites the dust in The Flash. Those are either misinterpretations or click-bait.

To say that both development and production on The Flash was difficult would be putting it nicely. Much like other DC movies such as Suicide Squad and Justice League, The Flash suffered from behind-the-scenes drama.

On top of the fallout between Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder, multiple DC projects found themselves either delayed or cancelled. The Flash fell into the former category. From then on, the delays only got worse as the studio desperately tried to figure out the best way forward.

It was clear that those in charge at the time wanted the movie to erase everything Snyder built for them. Original director Seth Grahame-Smith ultimately left the project following creative differences with Warner Bros., leaving The Flash in limbo.

Nonetheless, a new director was found shortly after in Rick Famuyiwa, who helmed the hit 2015 comedy-drama Dope.

Unfortunately, lightning would strike twice as Famuyiwa also left the movie following disagreements with the studio. Moreover, this same fate would follow onto the next directors that were hired to helm the cursed superhero flick: John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein.

The Flash Definitely Doesn’t Erase The SnyderVerse

The Flash Definitely Doesn't Erase The SnyderVerse

Image: Warner Bros. Discovery

Thankfully, though, fortune would finally be in Warner Bros.’ favor when It director Andy Muschietti came aboard.

In addition, to all these changes in leadership, there was also the endless rewrites to the film’s screenplay. The Flash was originally intended to be a faithful adaptation of the acclaimed Flashpoint story line from the 2011 comic book.

But the movie eventually evolved into more of a loose adaptation that was focused increasingly on the multiverse. Furthermore, it would now serve as a reset for DC’s timeline, similar to what X-Men: Days of Future Past did.

This plan remains the same now with James Gunn in charge of the newly formed DC Studios. Production seemed to be going well until Ezra Miller got in serious trouble with the law following various offenses in Hawaii.

A dark cloud of controversy now lingers over The Flash due its lead actor’s antics.

Nevertheless, both Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Studios remain confident in the film being a huge success. So much so that they even brought Miller back for reshoots to accommodate for Gunn’s plans for the DCU.

Apparently a new post-credit scene has been shot that’ll directly tie into this new upcoming timeline. This has left many wondering what this means for the SnyderVerse as it was so close to being restored.

Abdul shared what he’s heard regarding this new post-credit scene. Abdul is known for his various DC scoops that have been proven accurate on more than one occasion.

The Flash Definitely Doesn’t Erase The SnyderVerse

The Flash Definitely Doesn't Erase The SnyderVerse

Image: Warner Bros. Discovery

When it comes to DC scoops, his track record is difficult to top. He elaborates how the scene in question was always intended to center around Miller’s Barry Allen and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. The pair are seen together having a drink discussing the changes to the timeline caused by Allen.

Of course, Aquaman is confused about the whole conversation.

This hasn’t changed but has since been tweaked. Abdul explained that the original scene was Momoa explaining to Miller that Batman has always looked like Michael Keaton. Also that there’s never been a Superman (Henry Cavill), only a Supergirl (Sasha Calle).

This was what former DC Films president Walter Hamada had envisioned.

Following his dismissal and Gunn’s hiring this scene has been reshot with Momoa now talking about a completely new Batman.

No, not George Clooney’s.

He’s chatting about the one that Gunn plans to eventually introduce.

But where does this leave the SynderVerse?

Abdul went into detail explaining how that universe with Affleck’s Batman and Snyder’s vision are still out there. It hasn’t been deleted but rather lost in the multiverse. In other words, it doesn’t close the door on the SnyderVerse; rather, it keeps it open. Thus potentially leaving it open for a revival should the opportunity arise such as #SellZSJLToNetflix.