SnyderCon Poster Creates Excitement With Eye-opening Hints

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SnyderCon excited fans with eye-opening teases on its official poster before the three-day event begins on April 28. Director Zack Snyder included vague hints of something in the SnyderCon poster. Predictably, those who don’t like Snyder or his huge, passionate fan base immediately tried to extinguish any form of interpretation.

In other words, nothing to see here, move along now.

With SynderCon fast approaching, fans are determined to uncover the meaning behind the symbolism. It’s well known that Snyder likes to add hidden messages and details into his movies and artwork. Often times they can eventually lead to something bigger down the road or just simply be well placed Easter eggs. Especially with the SnyderCon poster.

SnyderCon is a special fundraising event for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This fundraiser will see theatrical screenings of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. The third and final day is the big one: Zack Snyder’s Justice League in IMAX at Universal Citywalk.

SnyderCon Poster Creates Excitement With Eye-opening Hints

SnyderCon Poster Creates Excitement With Eye-opening Hints

Image: Warner Bros. Discovery

Snyder will be in attendance all three days. On April 17, I scooped that Gal Gadot is rumored to appear on April 30 which is her birthday. This’ll be the first time that Snyder’s original cut of the movie will receive a theatrical showing.

To promote the upcoming event, the filmmaker unveiled a new poster of the Superman statue seen in BvS. However, some fans have pointed out some notable differences between what we saw in the movie and on the poster.

For one, the statue in the poster has visible cracks running throughout the entire sculpture. Clearly a reference to scene in BvS where Doomsday destroys the statue with Superman himself. It’s believed that this restoration of the once fractured statue alludes to the SnyderVerse being restored. In fact, there’s more evidence to support this claim when looking at the hands.

Unlike the movie, Superman’s left hand in the poster is now open palmed, facing us and displaying five fingers. However, the other hand remains the same with three fingers closed and two fingers open.

What does it all mean?

Twitter user SnyderQueen seemed to have solved the puzzle. She explained to Geekosity:

“Snyder has always been synonymous with double meanings and hidden messages in his art. The fans have come to learn to read between the lines when trying to find clues to his works. With SnyderCon, that’s no different. He provided us with a poster that included two cryptic messages. The first being the statue is not a new statue. Instead, it’s clearly been restored.”

Once SnyderQueen dives into her analysis, the real picture becomes more clear. She added:

“This restoration may have led to our second clue. Superman’s left hand is now open palmed, facing us and displaying five fingers. These five fingers could represent his five-movie arc: Man of Steel; Batman v Superman “Ultimate Edition”; Zack Snyder’s Justice League Part 1, 2, and 3. The right hand, however, remains unchanged from BvS; three fingers closed, two fingers open. This could signify five movies in total, three films completed, two remain.”

The anti-SnyderVerse crowd immediately brought out the pitchforks to deflate her theory. Of course they would. That’s what happens when DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn’s penis jokes becomes the standard of quality instead of making people actually think.

Although he didn’t mention her specifically, Snyder himself revealed there’s more than meets the eye about the SnyderCon poster.

SnyderCon Poster Creates Excitement With Eye-opening Hints

SnyderCon Poster Creates Excitement With Eye-opening Hints

Image: Twitter

In a YouTube interview, Snyder admitted there are “simple but obvious references inside” the SnyderCon poster. He even emphasized this by using his hand. He added:

“It’s not super subtle, but it’s also not super obvious at the same time. I mean look the truth is the fans have never missed anything. I don’t think there’s any Easter eggs left that someone hasn’t touched, that’s how good at it they are.”

SnyderQueen is an active part of Skiiwalker Tha Jedi’s #SellZSJLtoNetflix campaign. Could Snyder be referencing its fulfillment?