Wave Will Be A Visayan Actress And Likely Soar In Shang-Chi 2

Written By Ringo Ordonez

Wave Will Be A Visayan Actress And Likely Soar In Shang-Chi 2

Wave will be played by a Visayan actress in the MCU and possibly make her live-action debut in Shang-Chi 2. Wave debuted in War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas No. 1 in 2019. Being a Marvel Comics superhero of Filipino descent, her first appearance caused a frenzy among collectors, especially in the Philippines.

Insiders told Geekosity that Marvel Studios will only cast a Visayan actress for Wave. On September 4, 2021, Geekosity founder Mikey Sutton scooped that Wave was headed for the MCU.

Sources say that Wave will join forces with the Agents of Atlas, formed by Jimmy Woo (Randall Park). Marvel Studios have discussed shooting some scenes in the Philippines, specifically in the city of Cebu, promising an immersive and visually stunning cinematic experience. The Agents of Atlas are basically an Asian Avengers.

In a remarkable move, Marvel Studios is determined to cast a Cebuana actress for the role. They have confirmed that Marvel Studios’ quest for the actress to portray Wave is not only focused on finding a talented individual but also emphasizes the importance of authenticity.

To accurately represent the character’s roots and cultural heritage, Marvel Studios also prefers an actress with a Cebuana or Visayan accent. Furthermore, they’re open to cast a fresh face or established actress, preferably in her 20s. This deliberate approach highlights Marvel’s commitment to casting decisions that align with the character’s background and resonate with audiences.

In 2019, Sutton began a social-media campaign called #KateForWave. He was attempting to get GMA Network actress Kate Valdez cast as Wave. Valdez ended up inspiring Sutton to create a comic-book character of his own, Dreamwalker.

Wave Will Be A Visayan Actress And Likely Soar In Shang-Chi 2

Wave Will Be A Visayan Actress And Likely Soar In Shang-Chi 2

Image: Kate Valdez

In February 2022, Sutton and his creative partner/artist Noel Layon Flores released Dreamwalker No. 1. It sold out immediately with variant covers in the U.S. and the Philippines.

A year later, Variety announced that 108 Media had picked up Dreamwalker for a live-action TV series with Mikhail Red to direct.

Given Marvel Studios’ focus on selecting a Vasayan for Wave, that unfortunately takes Valdez out of contention.

Created by the visionary duo of writer Greg Pak and renowned Filipino artist Leinil Francis Yu, Wave finstantly captured the hearts of comic-book enthusiasts worldwide.

Her impact reached new heights when another Filipino illustrator, Mico Suayan, crafted an iconic cover showcasing Wave leaping from the water before the Philippine flag, becoming an emblem of her rising popularity.

Wave is also known as Pearl Pangan. She grew up in Cebu, Philippines, displaying exceptional swimming skills. Unknowingly, AlonTech, a dubious company, exploited her abilities for their experiments.

Wave Will Be A Visayan Actress And Likely Soar In Shang-Chi 2

Wave Will Be A Visayan Actress And Likely Soar In Shang-Chi 2

Image: Disney

Destiny intervened when the Triumph Division, a group of Filipino heroes, uncovered AlonTech’s secrets. During a fierce battle, Pangan gained the power to control water. Now Pangan joins the Triumph Division on a transformative journey to become a beloved superhero.

Expect an exhilarating ride as Pangan prepares to make a monumental impact in the MCU, leaving audiences spellbound with her electrifying presence, awe-inspiring origin tale, and unwavering commitment to protecting the world.

As her highly-anticipated debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe draws near, Filipino communities worldwide will join together in a joyous celebration of Pinoy pride.

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