James Gunn Assured DC Fan He Doesn’t Lie

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James Gunn Assured DC Fan He Doesn't Lie

James Gunn assured a DC follower on Twitter that he doesn’t lie to fans. Another day, another James Gunn Twitter exchange. You’d think the co-CEO of DC Studios wouldn’t have enough time to read thousands of hash tags. Certainly, his sycophants treat his every tweet like scripture. This time The Bearded One has climbed down from his ivory tower to proclaim his mouth spews no lies.

But he might change his mind.

Yes, pull out the “I changed my mind” card. Is there a Harvey Dent two-headed coin involved, too?

Speaking of Two-Face, this story actually begins with his foe Batman. While Ben Affleck won’t be Batman in the DCU, there’s a good chance he’ll be directing something for James Gunn. Hopefully, it isn’t wacky.

James Gunn revealed that conversations with Affleck to possibly direct a DC movie have happened. Moreover, it’s now rumored that movie could be the upcoming Batman reboot, The Brave and the Bold.

Should this be true, it would be the next best thing to having Affleck’s cancelled solo Batman movie happen. Gunn has yet to respond to this rumor. Nonetheless, that hasn’t stopped DC buffs from calling him out. One user’s reply to a report covering the Affleck rumor posted:

“Didn’t Gunn say in a previous interview that Affleck’s not directing Brave and the Bold? I get that Gunn is something of a professional liar, but still.”

James Gunn Assured DC Fan He Doesn’t Lie

Even if you’re not a fan of James Gunn, it’s obvious that he’s directly never ruled out Affleck directing Batman.

Gunn responded:

“For years it’s been my commitment to the fans that I will never lie to them… and I never have. I’d be very curious about what it is you think I’ve lied about.”

It should be noted that Gunn has accused media outlets and YouTube personalities of lying in the past. Sometimes, the tables turn. Granted, Gunn can be credited for keeping his composure. Surprising as he doesn’t seem so measured when he says the same of others. Then again, he has a massive platform to calmly swat off misinformation and quickly clear his name.

Being The Bearded One has its advantages, we suppose.

In any case, the same user replied to Gunn bringing up his previous hesitation to run DC and direct a Superman film:

“Not wanting to run DC, and not wanting to make a Superman film, for starters.”

Gunn defended himself in a follow-up tweet. He explained:

“Neither of those were lies. I was offered Superman but did Squad instead. A few years later I saw how to tackle Superman & took it on. I didn’t want to be the sole CEO of DC, but when they came & offered it to me AND Peter I said yes because I could focus on the creative side.”

That reboot is called Superman: Legacy. And don’t let the title fool you. It isn’t Superman’s legacy that is at work here, no matter what Gunn will say. It’s Gunn’s legacy. By recasting Henry Cavill’s Superman, Gunn ensures that he leaves his mark on Superman, fans be damned. By choosing his own Man of Steel, he takes credit for this new actor, this new take. It’s like a dog urinating on the grass to mark his territory.

James Gunn Assured DC Fan He Doesn’t Lie

James Gunn Assured DC Fan He Doesn't Lie

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So Gunn accepted his position as DC Studios’ co-CEO and Superman: Legacy’s writer only because he changed his mind. Without a doubt, bags of cash helped steer that narrative. Gunn added:

“Again, I’ve never once lied to the fans, and never will. That doesn’t mean I’m never going to change my mind about anything.”

A lot can be said about Gunn after his recent decisions over at DC Studios. In the end, only box-office results can change his mind about this current direction.