HBO Max Could Keep Superman & Lois Safe From Death

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Greg Berlanti's Superman & Lois Might Be Cancelled Soon

HBO Max could save the CW‘s Superman & Lois from cancellation. In February, we all believed Superman & Lois wouldn’t die from cancellation Kryptonite. This wasn’t a rumor. Nor was it speculation. Rather, DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn offered some optimism towards its fate.

In other words, he gave us hope.

Specifically, Gunn revealed:

“It’s a show everybody likes, so it’s going to keep going for a little bit.”

Not so fast. Although Gunn has claimed he’s the primary source of accurate DC-related information, Ben Affleck proved that isn’t the case. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Superman & Lois hangs by a thread. And HBO Max could be its savior. THR stated:

Sources say, wants to keep at least one DC show on the network with a move to HBO Max possible for the veteran (and pricey) Superman & Lois. 

HBO Max Could Keep Superman & Lois Safe From Death

HBO Max Could Keep Superman & Lois Safe From Death

Image: Warner Bros. Discovery

On the surface, it makes sense. Warner Bros. Discovery owns HBO Max. Thus, they’d want HBO Max to showcase their DC properties.

Nonetheless, HBO Max has axed some of them including two from DC TV super producer Greg Berlanti. Titans is done and Doom Patrol will end with its fourth season. Of course, Gunn’s own Peacemaker and the upcoming animated program Creature Commandos are safe on the streamer.

Of the CW’s remaining DC adventures, Superman & Lois has been the most well received by the critics and audiences. Although it’s not set in the Arrowverse, Superman & Lois captures the initial glow of Berlanti’s connected DC series.

Your opinions may vary, but as years went by, the Arrowverse group of shows, which includes The Flash, gradually eroded in quality, no longer consistent in quality except for their engaging crossovers. On the other hand, Superman & Lois continues to get better.

Indeed, it captures the darker edges of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel with the old-fashioned warmth of Christopher Reeve’s Superman movies.

But WBD is dealing with financial issues. Could they afford another season of Superman & Lois?

HBO Max Could Keep Superman & Lois Safe From Death

HBO Max Could Keep Superman & Lois Safe From Death

Image: Warner Bros. Discovery

Sources tell Geekosity that it’s very possible, even if it’s just for a farewell season. On the other hand, Gunn has his own cinematic reboot, Superman: Legacy, on the way. Would he want another live-action Superman on the air?

In the end, WBD CEO David Zaslav will follow the money trail.

As long as Superman & Lois continues to generate cash, its chances of survival are strong. On any platform.

If Netflix ends up with it, the Internet will explode like Krypton.