The CW Wants to Revive Tom Welling’s Smallville

Written by Edwin Francisco

CW Tom Welling Smallville Revive

The CW is trying to revive Smallville with Tom Welling back as Superman. Smallville was the most successful Superman series with an epic 10-year run from 2001 to 2011. 

Smallville starred Tom Welling as Clark Kent with Kristen Kruek as Lana Lang and Erica Durance as Lois Lane.

The concept of the show was the growth of Kent before he became the Superman that we love and admire.

It tackled growing up from his teenage years to him working his way up to the Daily Planet.

He slowly understood and learned his powers.

However, you never saw Tom Welling wear the Superman suit until the very last scene of the entire series. 

A new report states that the CW is looking into ways to resurrect Smallville.

In what format we don’t know yet.

Is it a TV movie, miniseries, or a full series?

The CW Wants to Revive Tom Welling’s Smallville

CW Tom Welling Smallville Revive

Image: The CW

In the Arrowverse’s “Crisis of Infinite Earths,” Welling and Durance returned to their Smallville roles in Batwoman.

It’s indicated in the show that he already gave up his powers in exchange for having a normal family.

The proof they showed in the episode is that Kent can hold Kryptonite without it affecting him. 

It was also mentioned that Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex Luthor is currently the president, but it never indicated what their relationship is at the time.  

I personally would love to see them back, but I do wonder how they will move forward if they pursue reviving Smallville.

It’s hard not to see Rosenbaum back as Lex Luthor as I (and many others) loved his portrayal of Luthor and the relationship between him and Kent.

I liked watching them evolve from close friends to enemies. It was one of the reasons I kept watching the show for so long.

Although, by the end of the series, Lex Luthor’s mind had been wiped out. Also, I’m not sure if they plan to incorporate the Smallville season 11 comic series.  

I know Rosenbaum didn’t do a cameo role in the “Crisis of Infinite Earths” because they barely gave him information on what he was going to do (and only offered him bare minimum pay).  

I’m also curious how Kent plans to get his powers back and return as Superman.

Will it be like in Richard Donner or Richard Lester’s Superman II where he regains his power in a crystal chamber?

There are little to no details as of now, but it seems The CW’s goal is to have the series return with the original cast.  

Who knows what format they will choose or how they will retcon Superman having no powers.

Regardless, I am excited to see it.  

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