Ezra Miller Hints That Ben Affleck Isn’t Done As Batman

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Ezra Miller casts doubt on Ben Affleck not returning as Batman. While Ben Affleck will appear in The Flash, he claimed it’s his final appearance.

Many in the media bought it.

Furthermore, they mocked anyone who questioned it.

They mainly targeted Zack Snyder fans who anticipate his return.

They mocked them.

After all, actors don’t lie, right?

Of course not.

Their widespread honesty is impressive.

On December 24, 2021, we leaked that Ben Affleck is waiting for the Warner-Discovery merger to go through.

Predictably, some naysayers giggled.

But The Flash star himself, Ezra Miller, is not laughing.

Well, not at Snyder fans who keep the faith.

Ezra Miller Hints That Ben Affleck Isn’t Done As Batman

Ezra Miller Hints That Ben Affleck Isn’t Done As Batman

Image: Instagram

Rather, he mocked everyone who believed Ben Affleck is done as Batman.

On his Instagram story, Ezra Miller posted a screenshot of the Ben Affleck article stating his Batman exit.

However, he wrote HA HA HA over it.

In other words, he debunked it.

This isn’t the first time Ezra Miller has done this.

In early January, Ezra Miller crushed the rumor that The Flash erases the Snyderverse.

Of course, some drunk on Warner Bros.’ gas fumes refused to acknowledge Ezra Miller’s credibility.

Sure, let’s not trust the actor who is the movie’s lead.

On the other hand, if Ezra Miller corroborated the rumors, they wouldn’t question him.

Since he didn’t agree with their narrative, they dismissed what he said.

With this latest tease, it’s same as it ever was.

Bogus information surrounds The Flash.

Ezra Miller Hints That Ben Affleck Isn't Done As Batman

Image: Warner Bros

It’s everywhere.

The current regime at Warner Bros. wants audiences to focus on their upcoming DC projects.

Specifically, they want fans to devour non-Snyder DC movies and TV programs.

On the surface, there’s nothing wrong with that.

For example, Black Adam looks spectacular.

Still, Warner Bros. wants fans to embrace what is inferior product overall while denying the Snyderverse new life.

At least, that’s the status for now.

Indeed, the Warner-Discovery merger will be a game changer.

To his credit, Ezra Miller follows his own path.

He cuts through the nonsense.

Sure, his behavior may seem eccentric at times.

Nevertheless, there is truth in his cryptic hints.

Listen to him.

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