Doctor Strange 2 Trailer Teased John Krasinski’s Reed Richards

Written By Kieran Bugg

The new Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailer teased John Krasinski‘s Reed Richards. In other words, the Fantastic Four have entered the MCU.

But is it really John Krasinski?

While that remains to be seen, John Krasinski’s Reed Richards is in the film.

Although not official yet, multiple sources confirm John Krasinski’s presence.

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Doctor Strange 2 Trailer Teased John Krasinski’s Reed Richards

Doctor Strange 2 Trailer Teased John Krasinski's Reed Richards

Image: Marvel Studios

Thus, it’s no surprise that the new Doctor Strange trailer generated the most buzz on social media.

After all, it gave us our best look at what the multiverse has to offer.

Moreover, there’s the revelation that Patrick Stewart will be reprise his role as Professor X in the upcoming film.

Fox’s X-Men movies are now part of Marvel’s multiverse.

In addition to Professor X, it appears that Marvel will also be introducing the MCU’s version of the Illuminati.

The original roster of the Illuminati had six members: Professor X; Doctor Strange; Mr. Fantastic; Iron Man; Namor The Sub-Mariner; and Black Bolt.

Before Professor X introduces himself to Doctor Strange in the trailer, several chairs are seen.

They’re in the large room that Doctor Strange enters. Some have silhouettes sitting on them.

There has already been plenty of speculation about which characters are in this scene.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to make out exactly who is sitting in those chairs.

Nevertheless, fans are convinced that one of these silhouettes belong to the Fantastic Four’s leader, Reed Richards.

Doctor Strange 2 Trailer Teased John Krasinski's Reed Richards

Image: Marvel Comics Group

A close-up shot from the trailer shows what appears to be someone wearing a dark blue suit.

Furthermore, there’s a white, circular logo on the chest which bears a strong resemblance to the Fantastic Four’s classic costumes.

Moreover, just like Professor X, Reed Richards is also an integral member of the Illuminati.

So it would make sense that he would be there alongside fellow members, Professor X and Doctor Strange.

Still, will this be a version of Reed Richards that we’ve seen before?

Indeed, Ioan Gruffudd and Miles Teller played him in the past.

Or will this be the introduction to the MCU’s Reed Richards, as in John Krasinski?

John Krasinski has been fan-cast for years.

Could be.

Regardless, it’s looking like we’ll definitely be seeing a version of Reed Richards in it.