Chris Hemsworth Could End Thor Run In Avengers 6 In Epic Fashion

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Chris Hemsworth could end his long run as Thor in Avengers: Secret Wars. According to sources, Marvel Studios has discussed making Avengers: Secret Wars the finale for Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. However, Avengers: Secret Wars will reportedly be split in two parts. Thus, it might might happen in the seventh Avengers movie instead of the sixth.

Regardless, the following may contain potential spoilers; continue at your own risk.

Since its release last year, Thor: Love And Thunder has quickly become one of the MCU’s more divisive entries. Director Taika Waititi doubled down on the comedy after it helped make Thor: Ragnarök a colossal hit for Marvel Studios.

Unfortunately, it didn’t feel as natural this time around for most fans. Many believed that the overuse of comedy brought down an otherwise promising story with huge potential. Nonetheless, the sequel still has its merits.

Chris Hemsworth Could End Thor Run In Avengers 6 In Epic Fashion

Chris Hemsworth Could End Thor Run In Avengers 6 In Epic Fashion

Image: Disney

The various action sequences being one of them. The battle against Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) in the Shadow Realm was both exhilarating and visually stunning. Plus, the confrontation between Thor and Zeus had a tense feeling throughout despite all the silliness.

There’s no doubt that theaters across the globe all had audiences gasping at Korg’s apparent death. In addition, the strong performances from its star-studded cast helped make Thor: Love and Thunder an overall entertaining experience.

At this point it’s hard to imagine the MCU without Chris Hemsworth as Thor. After all, he’s pretty much been here since the beginning of the franchise. Moreover, he’s the only remaining member of the MCU’s holy trinity following Iron Man’s death and Captain America’s retirement.

Sadly, like we saw in Avengers: Endgame, all good things must come to an end. Chris Hemsworth could wield his mighty hammer for the last time in Secret Wars. Insiders observe that 2028 is the 20th anniversary of the MCU. They explain that the death of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor would be an appropriate bookend to the past two decades.

In other words, Chris Hemsworth would have his Avengers: Endgame moment like Robert Downey Jr.

How Thor will die is anyone’s guess. Nonetheless, it’ll likely end with the character either heroically sacrificing himself or dying a warrior’s death in battle. Thor: Love and Thunder made it abundantly clear that the only way to enter Valhalla is to die in battle.

Seeing Thor die in battle would in retrospect be a perfect send off for everyone’s beloved Asgardian Avenger. Hopefully. we’ll get see a bittersweet moment of Thor in Valhalla reuniting with his fallen family and friends.

One of the end-credit scenes for Love and Thunder saw Thor’s love interest Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) enter Valhalla. There she was greeted by none other than Idris Elba’s Heimdall.

Chris Hemsworth Could End Thor Run In Avengers 6 In Epic Fashion

Chris Hemsworth Could End Thor Run In Avengers 6 In Epic Fashion

Image: Disney

But the film’s other post-credit scene seemed to set-up a fight for the ages between Thor and another mighty god. Russell Crowe’s Zeus was revealed to have survived Thor’s electrifying counterattack. While be tended to, he’s giving a speech about humanity now putting their faith in superheroes rather than the gods.

It’s then further revealed that he’s talking to his son, Hercules (Brett Goldstein). Zeus intends to have Hercules kill Thor so humanity will once again fear the gods.

We’re told Secret Wars will see the Asgardian and the Olympian finally battle it out on the big screen. Certainly, in the battle royale of Secret Wars, it makes total sense. With that being said, there’s a real possibility that Thor could meet his end by Hercules’ hand.

Still, it’s more likely that the two gods will put aside their differences before the end and fight together. In any case, there exists plans for Thor finally face-off against Hercules in Secret Wars before meeting his impending death.