Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4 Said To Be In Advanced Pre-Production

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Marvel Studios and Sony are fast-tracking Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4. According to The Cosmic CircusAlex Perez, pre-production has shifted into high gear.

We reported in November 14 that Tom Holland signed a contract with Sony and Marvel Studios. With it, three solo films, two MCU movies, and Daredevil: Born Again. This will span through Peter Parker’s College Trilogy. Geekosity owner Mikey Sutton scooped that Spider-Man will be in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. We’ve also leaked that Holland will also be in Avengers: Secret Wars.

It’s obvious that Holland has a lot in his hands. Although as we have reported earlier, this contract could also be his last as Spider-Man. SuperheroBuzz revealed that Parker and MJ (Zendaya) get married in the sixth movie. And with this, pass the mantle of Spider-Man to Miles Morales.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4 Said To Be In Advanced Pre-Production

Marvel Studios and Sony want another Spider-Man film quickly. No surprise there. After all, Spider-Man: No Way Home grossed nearly $2 billion worldwide. Without a doubt, audiences have shown a huge appetite for Spider-Man movies. Certainly, Sony’s Venom movies took a bite from Spider-Man followers.

Nevertheless, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige didn’t produce the Venom films. Consequently, they lack the heart and creativity of Holland’s Spider-Man movies. If Spider-Man 4 begins his final trilogy, the box-office potential rises. When they throw Daredevil (Charlie Cox) into the mix, it’s tossing gas onto the fire.

Cox’ cameo in No Way Home inspired screams of joy in theaters. And that’s Cox without his costume. Given that, Spider-Man and Daredevil swinging through New York will break records. Easily.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4 Said To Be In Advanced Pre-Production

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Neither Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield acquired four Spider-Man films. Holland said Garfield deserved more. He admitted:

I would love to see The Amazing Spider-Man 3. I think what was so wonderful was how Andrew was able to kind of make amends with the character and the studio, you know, to kind of win the general public back.

Thus, Tom Holland enters uncharted waters here. Quite frankly, that’s exciting for another reason. Marvel Studios and Sony provide Holland an opportunity to deepen his character.

Parker becomes an adult. He can fight the Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio). Spider-Man enters the criminal underworld. No Way Home ended with personal tragedies. Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) died. MJ can’t remember him. Brutal.

Spider-Man 4 picks up the broken pieces.