Peacemaker Season 2 Will Upset Segment Of DC Fans

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Could Harley Quinn Be In Season 2 Of James Gunn’s Peacemaker?

Peacemaker Season Two will upset a segment of vocal DC fans. Granted, the next season of Peacemaker hasn’t begun filming yet. Nobody knows what the quality will be like. But this isn’t about that.

Rather, DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn will reboot the SnyderVerse but retain his own. Henry Cavill won’t return as Superman, and Gunn kicks Ben Affleck out of the Batcave.

Yet Peacemaker, co-starring his wife Jennifer Holland, survives the DCU shuffle. Of course it does.

Gunn assured fans via Twitter that Peacemaker Season Two is still coming. To some, he dropped good news; to others, it’s a warning. Is this what the streets want?

Not everyone has been impressed with Gunn’s work over at DC so far. After all, there’s a huge tonal difference between his and director Zack Snyder’s style of storytelling.

Peacemaker Season 2 Will Upset Segment Of DC Fans

Peacemaker Season 2 Will Upset Segment Of DC Fans

Image: HBO Max

Although critics largely praised his DC work, audiences haven’t unanimously embraced them. Gunn’s The SuicideSquad bombed at the box office in 2021 with a sad $168.7 million worldwide gross. Still, Gunn defenders pointed out that pandemic fears and simultaneous HBO Max streaming left a significant dent.

On the contrary, Halloween Kills earned $133.4 million global on a $20 million budget two months later.

Although Peacemaker scored well enough on HBO Max to land another season (and a spin-off, Waller), not everyone bought into Gunn’s comedic vision. In particular, Gunn’s wacky cameo from members of Snyder’s Justice League drew controversy.

Certainly, Peacemaker becomes more palatable as a parody. At its best, Gunn channels the satirical skills of Mad cartoonist Harvey Kurtzman. At its worst, he trashes vintage characters like the Vigilante and Judomaster, both of whom deserve better treatment.

Due to commitments to other projects, Gunn postponed Season Two. Old news, actually. YouTube personality Syl Abdul scooped it last month. Gunn is currently in the process of writing the script for his next DC movie, Superman: Legacy.

Several more movies and TV shows are already in the pipeline with Gunn playing a major role in their development. Moreover, we not long ago got our first full look at ten projects that’ll make up the DCU’s first chapter. Superman: Legacy being one of them.

However, out of everything that was officially confirmed, the second season of Peacemaker was no where to be seen. This left fans of the obscure anti-hero feeling and his TV show nervous about his placement in the new timeline. Nonetheless, Gunn took to Twitter to reassure fans that Peacemaker Season Two remains a priority for its creator.

Peacemaker Season 2 Will Upset Segment Of DC Fans

Peacemaker Season 2 Will Upset Segment Of DC Fans

Image: HBO Max

Replying to a user’s question about whether or not the second season was cancelled, he wrote:

“Heck no, [Peacemaker is] postponed while I work on [Superman:] Legacy. Waller first. PM [Peacemaker] after.”

Saving his own projects seems like one of his top priorities when he took on the job. Those who admire Gunn’s vision will feast on the gold in which the new king has engraved his portrait.

The Detractors will have no choice but to either swallow it or choke on it. Pick your poison.