Moon Knight Hides Clever Werewolf By Night Easter Egg

Written by Edwin Francisco

An Easter egg in Moon Knight‘s first episode leads to Werewolf by Night. Specifically, Werewolf by Night No. 32, Moon Knight’s debut.

Potential spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

In episode one of Moon Knight, Steven Grant, played by Oscar Isaac, is talking to a girl in a museum. As they walk along in the scene, a QR code is at plain sight.

Scanning the code brings the bearer to a website where one gets a digital copy of Werewolf by Night No. 32 from 1975. Prices for this back issue have exploded. At least you can read it for free.

Moon Knight Hides Clever Werewolf By Night Easter Egg

Moon Knight Hides Clever Werewolf By Night Easter Egg

Image: Disney Plus

A Reddit user initially found this hidden treat and shared it online. Now people who have yet to know Moon Knight have access to his first appearance. It’s very interesting that the show runners will drop this Easter egg and pay tribute to the first comic-book appearance of Moon Knight. Even more curiously, with Werewolf by Night as the prize for this hidden gem, would this mean that the MCU is preparing to him into the fold, too?

The Werewolf by Night Holiday Special is in the works.

The page that follows after the viewer clicks the QR reads:

Read a free Moon Knight comic book that inspired the series, streaming exclusively on Disney+. Check back weekly as we provide more exclusive Moon Knight comic books!

Moon Knight Hides Clever Werewolf By Night Easter Egg

Image: Marvel Comics Group

Say what now? More exclusive Moon Knight comic books? Weekly? This officially becomes something viewers can look forward to every week. Moon Knight provides free digital comic books in each episode. It’s a mystery what the remaining digital comics are. Would it be connected to the ongoing story?

Doug Moench wrote Werewolf by Night No. 32 with Don Perlin on pencils. In fact, Moench and Perlin co-created Moon Knight.

Five years later, Moon Knight got his own comic book series with Moench as its writer and Bill Sienkiewicz as its illustrator. Who knew that, nearly fifty years later, he will be in a live-action series?

Bit by bit, the MCU turns supernatural pages. Viewers can now flip back the pages of time.