David Tennant Fans Should Be Optimistic About Jessica Jones Return

Written By Kieran Bugg • U.K. Editor

David Tennant Reveals Why He Returned To Doctor Who

David Tennant fans should be optimistic about a potential return to the Jessica Jones reboot from Marvel Studios. Although Marvel Studios hasn’t announced a new Jessica Jones series for Disney Plus yet, our sources have remained consistent that it’s in development.

In fact, over the past few years star Krysten Ritter has teased it over and over again. The key here is Daredevil: Born Again. We have no doubts Ritter will appear on that show, reuniting with her fellow Netflix co-stars Charlie Cox, Jon Bernthal, and Vincent D’Onofrio.

Geekosity owner Mikey Sutton initially scooped their MCU transfers on September 16, 2019.

Whether or not Netflix’ earlier Marvel dramas are canon to the MCU is still under debate. Nevertheless, Marvel Studios won’t tone them down for Disney Plus with its parental lock. Insiders exclusively revealed to us that there have been discussions about bringing David Tennant back.

David Tennant has recently addressed the possibility of reprising his terrifying role as Kilgrave in the MCU. David Tennant is having quite a big year with the second season of Good Omens finally releasing later this month on Amazon Prime.

David Tennant Fans Should Be Optimistic About Jessica Jones Return

David Tennant Fans Should Be Optimistic About Jessica Jones Return

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From the incredible mind of legendary writer Neil Gaiman, Good Omens stars David Tennant as the demon Crowley and Michael Sheen as the angel Aziraphale.

The show sees these unlikely friends from the afterlife unite to prevent the coming of the Antichrist. Good Omens was originally planned as a limited series before a second season was officially announced.

As expected this news delighted fans of both the show and its stars. In addition, David Tennant will also make his exciting return as the 14th Doctor in three upcoming special episodes of Doctor Who for the beloved series’ landmark 60th Anniversary.

He previously portrayed the universally popular 10th incarnation of the Time Lord from 2005 until 2010. This makes him the second actor to play not one but two separate versions of the Doctor after the equally iconic Tom Baker.

With David Tennant reprising two of his biggest roles, fans have began to wonder if he’ll make go for the hat trick. Back in 2015 ,when Netflix’s Marvel TV universe was still in its early days, the Scottish actor was cast as the main villain in the first season of Jessica Jones.

When it was announced that he’d be portraying Kilgrave, also known as the Purple Man, people wondered how the lovable actor could play such a despicable villain. This all changed after Tennant delivered a truly chilling performance as the seemingly unstoppable sociopath.

David Tennant Fans Should Be Optimistic About Jessica Jones Return

David Tennant Fans Should Be Optimistic About Jessica Jones Return

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Throughout the show’s first season, Kilgrave constantly tormented Jones with his mind games and depraved acts of violence. He finally got his comeuppance in the season finale when the titular heroine broke free of his hold and snapped his neck.

Nonetheless, Kilgrave would later reappear in the second season as a nightmarish hallucination of Jones. It was teased that a part of Kilgrave’s soul lives on in her mind. Tennant last portrayed the villain in the show’s final episode albeit only with his voice.

Recently he talked about the imminent release of Good Omens Season Two. Moreover, Tennant was asked about potentially reprising his role as Kilgrave in a future MCU project.

His response indicated that he was certainly open to it but he hasn’t had any conversations with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige over it. Not yet.

Tennant said:

“From your mouth to Kevin Feige’s ear, yeah, yeah, yeah. Great. Very good.”

Given that his character is long since dead, it would be strange to see him return. On the other hand, that’s Netflix continuity. When Ritter eventually reprises her role as Jones in the MCU, there’s a chance we could hear his sinister voice whispering in her ear again