Wayne T. Carr Says Being John Stewart Was Surreal In Exclusive Interview

Written By Kieran Bugg • U.K. Editor

Wayne T. Carr Could Still Be The Justice League’s Future Green Lantern

Wayne T. Carr described his experience playing the John Stewart version of Green Lantern in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. If you don’t recall such a scene, do not worry; Warner Bros. prevented Snyder from including it in his movie. This isn’t a false memory, no Mandela effect.

In 2021, Snyder gave us the definitive live-action Justice League film we’d been waiting our whole lives for. We should’ve gotten it four years earlier had Warner Bros. not intervened and completely butchered Snyder’s vision.

Director Joss Whedon’s unnecessary and downright embarrassing theatrical cut left a sour taste in DC fans’ mouths that still lingers. The whole cast have recalled their experiences with Whedon in recent years and none of them were positive.

Cyborg actor Ray Fisher has been the most vocal on the whole situation with accusations of bullying and racism. Moreover, it was the beginning of a downward spiral for the franchise that’s now led to a complete reboot. The newly dubbed DCU will be overseen by Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn and DC producer Peter Safran.

Wayne T. Carr Says Being John Stewart Was Surreal In Exclusive Interview

Wayne T. Carr Says Being John Stewart Was Surreal In Exclusive Interview

Image: Warner Bros. Discovery

Thankfully, Snyder’s original was eventually given its well-deserved digital release in early 2021. Unsurprisingly, Snyder’s four-hour epic was immediately considered to be vastly superior to what Whedon did. ZSJL was released to universal acclaim from fans and even critics.

Unfortunately, it was still missing a major scene which featured one of DC’s most important and popular heroes: John Stewart’s Green Lantern as portrayed by Wayne T. Carr.

The Snyder Cut ended with Harry Lennix’s Martian Manhunter visiting Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne at his lakeside home. He warned Wayne about Darkseid’s imminent arrival on Earth and that he would be there to help when needed.

While this moment was incredible to see, it was originally meant to have a completely different character showing up. Stewart was supposed to be the one to inform Bruce Wayne of the coming invasion.

It was always Snyder’s intention to have Wayne T. Carr’s Stewart make an appearance. Unfortunately, Warner Bros. being Warner Bros. ultimately blocked this from happening due to them having other plans for the character. It  turns out, though, that Snyder did shoot this scene.

Furthermore, this part was filmed in Snyder’s backyard during the pandemic with actor Wayne T. Carr.

A picture of Wayne T. Carr in costume was officially released by him and Snyder last year.

The full scene has not yet been seen by anyone and fans are hoping that it will still be released. Nonetheless, Wayne T. Carr revealed what it was like portraying Stewart whilst appearing on a live stream.

The Bat Channel hosted a YouTube charity stream to celebrate Zack Snyder’s Full Circle event.

Wayne T. Carr appeared as a special guest star and talked a little bit about his time on ZSJL.

Recalling the events of that day, Wayne T. Carr said:

It was surreal. It was four hours of just playing with Zack, who is an amazing artist as we all know and I went up to his driveway and the whole time I completely thought it was a dream…I was in my car in the motion capture suit, which is not a very flattering suit. It holds you in weird places and it’s really not cool. But then we got to play and you know, while we were playing, I was throwing out different lines, different takes or whatever and I got to speak to a tennis ball that was supposed to be Batman and that was awesome. I had a blast!

Wayne T. Carr Says Being John Stewart Was Surreal In Exclusive Interview

Wayne T. Carr Says Being John Stewart Was Surreal In Exclusive Interview

Image: Zack Snyder

The actor also revealed that Fisher was the one who recommended him to Snyder for the role.

Explaining how his casting came to be, he revealed:

I didn’t know Zack at all and Ray in the middle of the pandemic is the one who introduced me to him…then Zack and I talked on the phone like five times, which was another surreal moment. And then he said ‘Why don’t you come to my house? Let’s shoot this scene!’ and that’s kinda how it happened.”

There’s hope that one day we’ll get to see Wayne T. Carr’s performance as John Stewart.