The Ayer Cut Seen By Doctor Strange 2 Actor In Secret Screening

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The Ayer Cut Seen By Doctor Strange 2 Actor In Secret Screening

The Ayer Cut was shown to a Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness actor by the director himself. The actor in question is Will Rowlands, who portrayed an NYPD cop in the Doctor Strange sequel. Rowlands has real DC ties as well, playing a thug in Matt ReevesThe Batman.

Without a doubt, The Ayer Cut has become the Holy Grail for SnyderVerse fans. Although Zack Snyder didn’t direct the movie, it’s deeply rooted in Snyder’s corner of the DC universe. Tonally as well, as its heart of darkness has been subject to rumor, speculation, and various leaks, some by director David Ayer himself.

The 2016 theatrical cut of Suicide Squad has, for the most part, been forgotten. Not at all surprising given that the final movie was parody of what Ayer intended it to be. Nonetheless, it was more commercially successful than director James Gunn’s 2021 reboot The Suicide Squad. Without a doubt, the absence of Will Smith’s Deadshot took away much of its box office appeal. Then again, it wasn’t quality cinema, either.

Following the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max, fans begun campaigning for The Ayer Cut to also be released. Compared to the over-the-top theatrical version, The Ayer Cut was a bleak and gritty drama. Ayer, as well as multiple cast members, have endorsed this campaign. Much like the rest of us, they’re just as eager to see Ayer’s original vision see the light of day.

The Ayer Cut Seen By Doctor Strange 2 Actor In Secret Screening

The Ayer Cut Seen By Doctor Strange 2 Actor In Secret Screening

Image: David Ayer

Throughout the past few months, the acclaimed filmmaker has been posting various behind-the-scenes photos. Most notably from deleted scenes featuring Jared Leto’s Joker who suffered the most from studio interference. Leto’s controversial portrayal of the Clown Prince of Crime is considered to be the worst.

Furthermore, Ayer has been teasing via his Twitter that his Suicide Squad cut will eventually be released.

After the formation of DC Studios, YouTube personality Skiiwalker Tha Jedi started a new campaign. The hope is to sell the rights to Zack Snyder’s Justice League sequels over to Netflix.That way fans can see a definitive and satisfying end to Snyder’s original Justice League story arc. So far this movement has already garnered huge social media attention and has remained a top trend on Twitter.

Recently, Skiiwalker The Skywalker posted an interview with Rowlands on his YouTube channel. Rowlands discussed seeing The Ayer Cut in a private screening. As expected, it’s vastly superior to the dumpster fire that Warner Bros. released back in 2016.

Rowlands revealed that The Ayer Cut included at least 45 minutes of unseen footage. Ben Affleck’s Batman is heavily featured in these deleted scenes and connects more to his personality in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Leto’s Joker is described as being much more “brutal” than his lackluster role in the theatrical cut. In fact, he was barely in Suicide Squad. The Ayer Cut changes all that. This lines up with previous comments by Ayer who claimed that Leto’s performance was “ripped to pieces.” Rowlands also explained that there’s deeper character work for certain members of the Squad within the first 20 minutes.

Deadshot’s relationship with his daughter is further explored and Echantress’ character arc is more “fleshed out and meaningful.” Harley Quinn’s story arc also has a deeper meaning and feels more liberating and inspiring.

The Ayer Cut Seen By Doctor Strange 2 Actor In Secret Screening

The Ayer Cut Seen By Doctor Strange 2 Actor In Secret Screening

Image: Twitter

Rather than returning to her toxic relationship with the Joker, Quinn breaks free of his control in an empowering way.

All of this alone already sounds like a masterpiece compared to what we got back in 2016. With Gunn and Shazam! producer Peter Safran now in charge of DC Studios, the status of The Ayer Cut remains unknown. Certainly, the market is there for it.

In addition, an HBO Max broadcast shouldn’t interfere at all with Gunn’s DCU reboot plans.

Then again, there could be a plan going forward:

Aside from minimal VFX work that needs completing, the Ayer cut is apparently finished and allegedly still looks better and more graphic than the studio cut. Ayer told Rowlands that there is hope and that the director wants fans to continue fighting for it, which suggests that something may be brewing behind closed doors.

Having it sit in a vault is leaving money on the table.