Moon Knight May Appear In Captain America 4

Written By Kieran Bugg

Moon Knight will appear in the fourth Captain America movie. At least, according to a new rumor.

Disney Plus’ Moon Knight ended in epic fashion. In other words, it stuck to the landing. Moreover, it hit the ground running. Unfortunately, there’s been no official word from Marvel Studios about Season Two.

Nonetheless, there’s no doubt that the character will return to the MCU. After all, Marvel Studios doesn’t like to leave loose threads. Especially ones as big as this.

Nonetheless, fans are still curious to know when or where Moon Knight will show up next. According to Everything Always, the next time we see Moon Knight will be in theaters.

Everything Always reported that Moon Knight will be in the upcoming Captain America sequel.

Moon Knight May Appear In Captain America 4

Moon Knight ,Captain America 4, MCU

Image: Disney Plus

The Hollywood Reporter initially revealed Captain America 4.

However, Marvel Studios hasn’t dropped details on Captain America 4. Anthony Mackie signed to star in it as the new Captain America.

It’s likely they’ll announce the film’s title during their next project slate reveal.

Nonetheless, Malcolm Spellman will write it. Spellman worked on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

In addition, they also revealed that Sebastian Stan will reprise his role as James “Bucky” Barnes in the movie.

Mackie and Stan’s dynamic was the highlight of the show.

Moreover, Danny Ramirez will also return as Joaquín Torres. He’ll spread his wings as the new Falcon.

All these characters have a military background. That could bring them together.

Wilson is a former United States Air Force pararescue airman.

Joaquín Torres is a United States Air Force lieutenant.

Bucky Barnes a WWII sergeant.

And Marc Spector, Moon Knight, is a former U.S. Marine.

Moon Knight May Appear In Captain America 4

Moon Knight ,Captain America 4, MCU

Image: Disney Plus

Could we expect James Rhodes and Frank Castle, too?

Probably not, but who knows?

Their report stated that what brings these characters together is a group of villains. They are The Secret Empire.

In the comics, the Secret Empire was a Hydra splinter group.

They also appeared as major villains in Agent Carter Season Two but were instead known as the Council of Nine.

On the other hand, Agent Carter is not MCU canon.

Should this be true then it looks like this movie will be as big as Captain America: Civil War.