Mara Jade Planned For Mind-blowing Debut In New Star Wars Movie

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Mara Jade could rejuvenate Star Wars fandom as her live-action debut is being discussed for an upcoming project. For hardcore Star Wars followers, this is an event they thought would never happen. After all, Mara Jade originated in the Expanded Universe (EU) of Star Wars. In other words, she isn’t considered canon to Disney’s Star Wars or even George Lucas’ films.

That was then; this is now.

Per our sources, Mara Jade is being developed to appear in director Dave Filoni‘s upcoming Star Wars movie, which I initially scooped (without Filoni’s involvement) on December 25, 2020. I revealed then that Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian is building up to an adaptation of Timothy Zahn’s 1991 novel, Heir to the Empire. That report has been confirmed.

Whether or not Filoni will still use the title is irrelevant. He will turn Heir into a movie, and there will be tweaks to the original material. Heir debuted two characters that will play significant roles in Star Wars films and TV series going forward. The villain Grand Admiral Thrawn and Mara Jade.

I broke that Thrawn would be introduced on Disney Plus in 2019. This was prior to when he was name-dropped in Season Two of The Mandalorian.

On March 14, 2022 sources told me that Lucasfilm wanted Heir to be a Disney Plus film. However, that was when Bob Chapek was CEO of Disney. Chapek focused on flooding the streamer with content. With Bob Iger back, theatrical movies have priority.

I’ve gotten word of Mara Jade in a Star Wars film since September 12, 2019. Geekosity didn’t exist yet, but Bounding Into Comics covered me in real time here.

Mara Jade Planned For Mind-blowing Debut In New Star Wars Movie

Mara Jade Planned For Mind-blowing Debut In New Star Wars Movie

Image: Disney

Mara Jade is a true fan favorite, an MVP who has sat on the bench for decades. Unfortunately, there were issues with her because of her origins. Heir existed within the EU. In August 2005, Star Wars creator Lucas himself considered the EU to be in a separate continuity. He explained:

I don’t read that stuff. I haven’t read any of the novels. I don’t know anything about that world. That’s a different world than my world. But I do try to keep it consistent. The way I do it now is they have a Star Wars Encyclopedia. So if I come up with a name or something else, I look it up and see if it has already been used. When I said [other people] could make their own Star Wars stories, we decided that, like Star Trek, we would have two universes: My universe and then this other one.

They try to make their universe as consistent with mine as possible, but obviously they get enthusiastic and want to go off in other directions.

By April 25, 2015 Lucasfilm’s new owner Disney made it official. They changed the name to Star Wars Legends and threw them out of canon. The move embittered a substantial number of people who felt they wasted their time and cash on what they saw as glorified fan fiction.

Others saw the missed potential, especially the lack of Mara Jade in Disney’s sequels.

In Legends continuity, Jade is Luke Skywalker’s wife. Furthermore, they have a son, Ben Skywalker. How much of this crosses over is unknown. In fact, those important aspects could be ignored. Luke (Mark Hamill) never references them in Disney’s movies or TV shows.

Thus, purists will likely protest.

Mara Jade Planned For Mind-blowing Debut In New Star Wars Movie

Mara Jade Planned For Mind-blowing Debut In New Star Wars Movie

Image: Disney

Nevertheless, Jade is a compelling and strong female lead in the Star Wars universe. Her inclusion would assist in building a bridge to those were once loyal to Star Wars and left, feeling betrayed by polarizing creative decisions and poor management by Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy.

Jade was among the most powerful Jedi Masters.

Indeed, there are stories to tell about her. Perhaps Luke was too hurt by her loss to mention her. It’s not like the films gave him an opportunity to do so.

Filoni could cement his legacy with this movie.