Keanu Reeves’ Constantine Sequel Paves Way For Justice League Dark

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Keanu Reeves’ Constantine sequel opens the door to a Justice League Dark film. After 17 years of silence, many believed they’d never see Keanu Reeves return as John Constantine. Certainly, producer J.J. Abrams placed a hold on the warlock.

However, Warner Bros. Discovery struck again. WBD will sell Abrams’ Constantine TV reboot to other streamers. HBO Max won’t broadcast it. Instead, WBD proceeds with a new Reeves theatrical movie. Furthermore, sources reveal it’s only the beginning for the horror franchise.

Matt Ryan wowed fans as the suave exorcist for NBC in 2014. Unfortunately, NBC cancelled Constantine after only one season. The sad end of the TV series led to renewed hopes for a Part II to Keanu Reeves’ 2005 movie. Abrams’ TV project crushed those hopes.

Keanu Reeves’ Constantine Sequel Paves Way For Justice League Dark

Keanu Reeves' Constantine Sequel Paves Way For Justice League Dark

Image: Warner Bros.

Now Reeves will finally reprise his role as John Constantine. Granted, WBD hasn’t officially greenlit the new Constantine picture yet. Nevertheless, they’ve begun development. Sources explain that Warner Bros. Pictures Group co-CEO and chairman Mike De Luca wants to expand the DCEU with Reeves.

In addition to returning for this sequel, we could also see Reeves as Constantine in other DCEU movies. Early discussions point towards a larger group of films. It turns out the Constantine sequel could lead Justice League Dark and various spin-offs.

Although Abrams announced a Justice League Dark of his own, that team was supposed to form in his Constantine and Madame X shows. But nobody knows where they’ll be headed. Thus, they’re not connected. In other words, by default Abrams’ Justice League Dark is dead. Still, Abrams will attach his name to a DCEU Justice League Dark movie for contractual reasons.

Nonetheless, he won’t be involved creatively.

Insiders add that a Justice League Dark film will likely feature an appearance from DC’s defender of the green, Swamp Thing. Much like Constantine, Swamp Thing recently starred in his own TV program. The now-defunct DC Universe app axed it after only one season.

Keanu Reeves’ Constantine Sequel Paves Way For Justice League Dark

Keanu Reeves, Constantine, Sequel, Justice League, Dark

Image: DC Comics

Both are vital members of the supernatural team of characters in the comics. Furthermore, Constantine debuted in Swamp Thing No. 37 in 1985. Other characters like Zatanna, Deadman, Shade the Changing Man, and Madame Xanadu have also been members of Justice League Dark.

Geekosity founder Mikey Sutton discussed the possibilities on Scoopcenter with Syl Abdul.

The team made their first appearance in Justice League Dark No. 1 in September 2011. While the Justice League handle down to earth and cosmic threats, Justice League Dark handles more mystical threats and situations. They first united when Madame Xanadu when she foresaw a terrible future only they could prevent.

Since the Discovery merger, it seems Warner Bros. is starting to distance themselves from Abrams and his vision for DC. As matter of fact, his Black Superman movie has yet to materialize.