Justice League 3: Details Emerge of Zack Snyder’s New Gods

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Justice League 3 Zack Snyder New Gods

The heroes will return in Justice League 3; and according to Zack Snyder, the New Gods will join them to fight Darkseid.

Zack Snyder revealed his plans for possible Justice League sequels in an interview via YouTuber Wonder Meg:

All of the New Gods would be rolling in at some point. In the full invasion of Earth…I think you’d really have to go full pedal to the metal with the New Gods at that point, the third movie is a New Gods invasion movie really, in a lot of ways. Let me just say this: in this movie you see DeSaad, you see Darkseid, you see one other in the throne room of Apokolips. I think the implication is that the rest of them are there, for sure.

The New Gods and Darkseid are tightly connected.

First of all, writer/artist Jack “King” Kirby created the New Gods and Darkseid.

Marvel Comics dubbed him “King” for a reason. Kirby was among the architects of the Marvel Universe alongside writer Stan “The Man” Lee.

Kirby tapped into his cosmic imagination when he unleashed them in DC Comics in The New Gods No. 1 in 1971.

Secondly, the New Gods also originated from Apokolips, Darkseid’s nightmarish planet.

Darkseid without the New Gods is like the Joker minus Batman. There is something missing without the other.

But will this ever get made?

Justice League 3: Details Emerge of Zack Snyder’s New Gods

Justice League 3 Zack Snyder New Gods

I have reported numerous times on the reactionary behavior at Warner Bros.

Depending on how well The Snyder Cut does on HBO Max, Justice League 3 could either be released theatrically or for streaming.

I’m still leaning towards HBO Max.

Readers have contacted me about DC Films president Walter Hamada since The Snyder Cut was released to global praise.

On February 27, I leaked that Hamada and Warner Bros. chairman Toby Emmerich privately weren’t impressed with The Snyder Cut.

I stand by this.

I haven’t seen or heard anything that would suggest otherwise.

Have you?

Look at the damning evidence.

Snyder still mentions DC Films has no plans for Justice League sequels or spin-offs in nearly every interview.

He added that his DC movies are no longer canon.

Just Look At This Shot. Come On, Hamada.

Justice League 3 Zack Snyder New Gods

Warner Bros. leaked to Deadline that J.J. Abrams will reboot Superman prior to The Snyder Cut‘s launch date.

Worse yet, The Snyder Cut was available on HBO Max days earlier due to a “technical problem” that took two hours to fix.

Two hours.

Enough time for the four-hour movie to get pirated. (It was.)

There’s better security at 7-Eleven.

That’s like owning a Lamborghini and leaving it parked in a sketchy neighborhood, doors unlocked with the key in the ignition.

Come on, man.

If Warner Bros. executives were blown away by The Snyder Cut, they would’ve announced Justice League 2 or Man of Steel 2 by now.

Or at least hinted at it.

The silence is deafening.

Such a public statement would have been perfect timing.

The Snyder Cut scorched hot on social media the past few days.


No, the executives are still waiting to be convinced.

If Hamada or Emmerich praise The Snyder Cut now, it’ll be because of ringing cash registers.

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