Zack Snyder’s DCEU Films No Longer Considered Canon

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Zack Snyder DCEU Films Not Canon

Even if The Snyder Cut is successful, it won’t be canon in the DCEU; moreover, none of Zack Snyder’s projects will.

This isn’t new.

In fact, Zack Snyder recently admitted it in an interview:

Canon for Warner Bros. is the Joss Whedon version of Justice League. In their mind, that’s canon. And what I’m doing is not. Everything is not, so it’s just an interesting, that relationship.

Interesting doesn’t quite describe it; however, the filmmaker is simply being diplomatic.

One of the first rules you learn in the entertainment industry is to never burn bridges.

It’s completely understandable that Zack Snyder is being polite.

However, this is definitely a change from what I was hearing and reported on before, after I was first in leaking The Snyder Cut being greenlit for HBO Max on November 2019.

At the time, there was a “wait-and-see” attitude towards Zack Snyder’s future involvement in theatrical DC movies.

That seems to have faded now.

Subsequent controversies involving Ray Fisher and Joss Whedon bothered Warner Bros. executives.

I mentioned that DC Films president Walter Hamada privately wasn’t impressed with Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Hamada’s indifference (now I’m being polite) is obvious in the lack of promotional support for The Snyder Cut.

However, let’s face it: I said from the beginning it was parent company AT&T pushing for it.

Zack Snyder fan Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson certainly added fuel.

Zack Snyder’s DCEU Films No Longer Considered Canon

Zack Snyder's DCEU Films No Longer Considered Canon

Image: HBO Max

I’m told that WB execs didn’t care for Whedon’s Justice League.

Nevertheless, they were optimistic about the movie until it was released, and the critics hit the fans.

The fans likewise threw the crap out the window.

Rumors abound that WB still blamed Zack Snyder for Justice League‘s hit-or-miss results (I’m being too polite now).

They said that Whedon didn’t have much to work with.

A source revealed:

WB felt the movie couldn’t be salvaged because what was there was poor 

The Rock really wants Henry Cavill for his Black Adam, and he will have more influence on AT&T to get that done.

Warner Bros. just doesn’t want any references to Zack Snyder’s DCEU.

AT&T is apparently not too excited about cinematic projects, and this has little to do with the global pandemic.

To them, it’s all about the streaming.

Indeed, subscriber money can fill cash registers every month.

They see Zack Snyder as a visionary well-suited for long-form home viewing.

His dark movies play better without the crowd-pleasing necessary for popcorn entertainment.

Don’t be surprised if Zack Snyder DC limited series are announced for HBO Max after The Snyder Cut.

He has admirers there.

I have written about Man of Steel 2 for HBO Max.

In January, I reported the same for Justice League 2.

Warner Bros., on the other hand, would rather wave goodbye and say hello to a new DCEU in theaters.

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