Jason Momoa’s Lobo Could Be The DCU’s Deadpool

Written by Joy Lyn Parohinog Francisco

James Gunn could make Jason Momoa’s Lobo into the DCU’s Deadpool. In other words, it has the potential for a funny, super violent R-rated franchise. In the comics, Lobo mixed twisted humor and gory violence.

DC Studios Co-CEO Gunn’s Mastodon account posted a Lobo image. While this may just be an initial post, his new position in DC Studios with Peter Safran had netizens thinking. Of all characters, why Lobo? Some answer, why not?

Lobo debuted in Omega Men No. 3 in 1983. Originally, Lobo began as a villain. However, in the early ’90s Lobo turned into a parody of gritty vigilantes such as the Punisher and Wolverine. Thus, the Deadpool comparisons. The scruffy antihero looks like Rob Zombie and, well, Jason Momoa.

Despite the ongoing discussions on various platforms, it’s nice to see that the alien bounty hunter is getting more attention. Nonetheless, it was Momoa’s previous teasing that ignited DC followers. In an interview with ET Canada, Momoa revealed “one of my dreams come true will be happening” under DC Studios.

Jason Momoa’s Lobo Could Be The DCU’s Deadpool

Jason Momoa's Lobo Could Be The DCU's Deadpool

Image: DC Comics

As Faith No More once rapped, “What is it?”

Did he hint at Zack Snyder’s return? Perhaps. But Jason Momoa admitted he loves Lobo. In fact, Momoa wanted Lobo as the villain for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Neither Gunn nor Momoa offer any answers. For now, at least.

Gunn’s first message merely states:

“Glad to be here.”

Of course, any post gets better impact and attention when it comes with a photo. And most of the time, the photo can mean a lot of things.

Gunn carries a fondness for obscure comic-book characters. For example, the general public didn’t know of the Guardians of the Galaxy until Gunn’s movie. Audiences can say the same with most of the freaks in The Suicide Squad.

As for Lobo, many comics fans know him. However, it was for his revival during the ’90s, not in his initial appearance in the ’80s. Lobo exploded in popularity in the ’90s. Although meant to satirize the grim superheroes of the ’90s, he ended up defining them.

From the comic books he crossed over into TV. First, he appeared in Superman: The Animated Series. Then Emmett J. Scanlan portrayed his live-action adaptation in Season Two of Krypton.

Jason Momoa’s Lobo Could Be The DCU’s Deadpool

Jason Momoa, Lobo, DCU, Deadpool

Image: SyFy

Lobo is one of the most chaotic characters, if not the most chaotic, in DC Comics. Even Hell doesn’t want him entering the realm. Actually, Heaven and Hell don’t want anything to do with him. Instead, his soul would just wait for his body to regenerate so it could go back.

Without a doubt, Gunn is the perfect director to helm a Lobo movie. His sick, trashy wit is made for Lobo. We completely understand why Gunn would think of getting Lobo on the silver screen if ever he does. While the character is a bit OP, he could be a character that stirs things up in the DCU. Given that, it’s possible that people may compare him to Deadpool. However, in the time stamps on the comics world, Lobo had his publishing dates earlier.

But could Momoa play him and Aquaman? In the multiverse, anything can happen.

Eventually, “He Who Devours Your Entrails And Thoroughly Enjoys It” will soon get his time on the big screen. Hopefully, that happens sooner rather than later.