Hawkgirl Is Headed Towards The DCEU

Written by Edwin Francisco

Hawkgirl is flying to the DCEU. In fact, the heroine should have been part of the Justice Society in the Rock’s Black Adam film. Why wasn’t she there?

Hawkman and Hawkgirl are always together, well, most of the time. Even in their comic-book origins, they are inseparable. Even on TV like in the Arrowverse series Legends of Tomorrow, some mystic force compels them to be together.

Prince Khufu and Chay-Ara are lovers from ancient Egypt who met their demise at the hands of an Egyptian priest. Both of them can’t go to the afterlife and thus, they share the fate of repeated reincarnation.

Hawkgirl Is Headed Towards The DCEU

Hawkgirl Is Headed Towards The DCEU

Image: The CW

In DC comics, they go through their story as Carter Hall and Shiera Sanders. Moreover, both are members of the Justice Society of America.

The latest DCEU movie, Black Adam, features the Justice Society quite heavily. In turn, fans kind of expected to see both Hawkman and Hawkgirl. But, even in the official trailers as well as in the one-shot comics, we only see Hawkman. Consequently, we wonder, where is Shiera Sanders, also known as Hawkgirl?

Aldis Hodge, who plays Hawkman, has even said that he wants to see his onscreen partner. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Hodge was asked who he wanted to see in the DCEU:

Two people I definitely want to bring in are Mister Terrific, his backstory is amazing and also Hawkgirl.

So, if Hawkman himself wants Hawkgirl. Why was she missing? It would have been great to see them together in action.

Hawkgirl Is Headed Towards The DCEU

Hawkgirl Is Headed Towards The DCEU

Image: DC Comics

Hawkgirl will appear in the DCEU. Just not in this Black Adam film. The Rock did say that they plan to highlight other DC characters. If Black Adam becomes a box-office smash, DC Films will proceed with a Justice Society movie. Furthermore, insiders expect Hawkgirl to arrive next. After all, Black Adam didn’t want to introduce too many heroes.

Where Hawkman goes, Hawkgirl will follow.

Anyway, one thing is quite certain from the message above. Among the films that Warner Bros. Discovery has down the road has Hawkgirl flying on screen. She’s definitely part of WBD CEO David Zaslav’s 10-year plan.