From Daredevil To Morbius – Best Spider-Man: No Way Home Rumors

Written by Edwin Francisco

From Daredevil to Morbius - Best Spider-Man No Way Home Rumors

From Daredevil to the Sinister Six, Spider-Man: No Way Home is a tangled web of rumors.

The following is a comprehensive collection of the film’s most spectacular gossip.

It has been some weeks now since the first trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home was officially dropped.

Marvel movies tend to gather a lot of attention, especially when it deals with a lot of crossovers.

Rumors spread and everyone gets excited with all the possibilities.

Sites such as Geekosity regularly drop leaks for MCU fans.

This initially hit supernova when we learned that Marvel Studios was adapting The Infinity Gauntlet storyline.

Nevertheless, even with all the rumors, we did get a few details because pictures of the production showed up online.

When Spider-Man: No Way Home started development, rumors suddenly started popping up regarding the return of older actors from other Spider-Man movies.

Because of this, more rumors and leaks went around and about.

As if fanning the fire, Alfred Molina confirmed his appearance in the movie.

This possibly triggered Marvel Studios to put the giant wall up to control all the gossip circling around.

Because of this, Spider-Man: No Way Home has been more secretive than any other Marvel movie.

Well, so it seems.

So, let’s talk about these whispers in the grapevine one by one.

When Worlds Collide

The Amazing Spider-Man Andrew Garfield

Image: Sony Pictures

Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield has been rumored to return and reprise their roles from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man.

Geekosity founder and Editor-in-Chief Mikey Sutton first broke the story in 2019.

The first time I heard this, it felt like, this was impossible.

Nevertheless, I loved the idea.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if they were able to get that to work?

Then recent images popped out in the internet.

Photos invaded social media.

Some people believed that was Maguire and Garfield together and in costume to boot.

However, the quality of the images was enough to question the authenticity of it.

Suddenly, Sony moved to remove all these pictures.

We reported this earlier that it seemed like an indirect confirmation that they were actually in the movie.

I mean, if it was fake, why hide it?

Between Planets

From Daredevil to Morbius – Best Spider-Man: No Way Home Rumors

Image: Disney Plus

We presumed that the multiverse will start in Spider-Man: No Way Home, mainly because of the cast that they got for the movie.

We also know that this will not end there either because the next movie in Marvel Studios’ lineup is Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

This will seem to continue whatever Spider-Man has opened.

But this has changed now with the release of the Disney Plus series, Loki.

We now know that the events in Loki triggered the multiverse in multiple timelines.

I doubt that this will be discussed in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

I do presume that the movie will just focus on its own and it’s cinematic franchise without involving the events of any of the series.

Is It Really So Strange?

That’s Not Doctor Strange in Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer

Image: Marvel Studios

We all saw in the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker asked a favor from Doctor Strange.

He wants to erase the memories of everyone who knows that he is Spider-Man.

It seems odd that Doctor Strange will allow to use this particular spell knowing that it will open up the multiverse.

Doctor Strange has a big part in the movie, mainly because it’s going to connect with his sequel.

At first, we didn’t know as to what capacity Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange will take part in.

Now that we’ve seen the trailer, it is evident that he is a major plot piece in the flick.

Some even have the impression that it almost seems like he’s the villain.

Devil Inside

That’s Not Doctor Strange in Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer

Image: Marvel Comics Group

Now people are speculating who this is? Is he a variant? Is he Nightmare? Or is he Mephisto?


Not so silent whispers are going around that this is Mephisto impersonating Doctor Strange.

Mephisto is an extra-dimensional demon in the comics.

He does have the ability to manipulate people, and he does like making favors but mainly to satisfy his own needs.

Based on the trailer, it seems to fit the bill.

Furthermore, there are some clues in the trailer that does support this.

The crowd scene with the one holding a sign saying “Devil in Disguise” and Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctum is strangely in ice.

Some interpretations of Hell are represented in pure frozen icy conditions.

The problem with the rumor is that we’ve been waiting for this to happen for quite a while now.

We’ve been expecting Mephisto even during WandaVision.

But this is the first time that Mephisto did make a bit more sense.

Route 66

From Daredevil to Morbius – Best Spider-Man: No Way Home Rumors

Image: Sony Pictures

The Sinister Six has been something all of us have been waiting for even before Holland’s introduction to the MCU.

At the end of Garfield’s last movie, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it showed multiple weapons of different known villains in Spider-Man’s rogue’s gallery.

The items included the Vulture’s wings, Doctor Octopus tentacles and Green Goblin’s glider.

They also showed some symbols regarding other villains but vague enough to make you wonder who they are planning to add.

These included the Chameleon, Kraven, possibly even Mysterio.

It also showed a reference to the Rhino.

He was already in the movie played by Paul Giamatti.

After closing the chapter on Garfield, we were disappointed that the third sequel wasn’t going to push through.

Once Tom Holland was confirmed to be the new Peter Parker, it just felt like it’s going to take a while before this ever happens again.

Now, since we heard about Molina and Jamie Foxx confirming to return to their roles, it made it seem more possible that Marvel Studios is building up a new Sinister Six.

This time they will be coming from three generations of Spider-Men.

This part of the rumors is something already confirmed by the actors themselves.

Molina even said that it was the “worst secret in Hollywood.”

But this seemed to have triggered Disney and Marvel Studios to keep everyone quiet.

Everyone knew about Holland and how he can unexpectedly reveal details.

From Daredevil To Morbius – Best Spider-Man: No Way Home Rumors

Green Goblin

Image: Sony Pictures

I think the studios didn’t expect Molina and Foxx to reveal it themselves, too.

So, this is now a known truth, and we have seen the trailer which did reveal Molina back in his role as Doctor Octopus.

He even is shown saying the line: “Hello, Peter.”

This not only confirmed the rumor, it confirmed a lot of things that we have been reporting for more than a year now.

We didn’t see Electro in the trailer, but it did imply that his character was there.

Now the question with both Doctor Octopus and Electro, are they the same ones as the characters we saw years ago?

Are they variants?

How did Doctor Octopus survive drowning at the end of Spider-Man 2?

Electro was presumed to be disintegrated in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but there was no body.

Therefore, this can explain some stuff that Electro got upgraded when he vanished or something to that effect.

Rumors roamed around that Willem Dafoe would return.

Regardless of how much people want him back, it didn’t make sense.

How can you return a character who obviously died in the first Spider-Man which starred Tobey Maguire?

And we didn’t hear anything from Dafoe being part of the movie.

When the trailer revealed that laugh and the grenade, there was no question it was Dafoe.

The question now is, to what extent? How much of him or version of him will we see?


The Lizard

Image: Sony Pictures

Rumors did surface that Thomas Hayden Church’s Sandman and Rhys Ifans’ the Lizard would be in the movie.

However, it has just been exactly that only until the teaser trailer came out.

Ever since the leak from Molina, the production team and everyone in the studio have been mum about any information.

The only visual indication is from the recent trailer.

Nevertheless, even now there is no clear confirmation of them.

Moreover, there is a possibility that people are over-interpreting and excessively visualizing the trailer frame by frame.

Birds Fly

Spider-Man Homecoming - Vulture

Image: Sony Pictures

We know Michael Keaton is part of the MCU.

But people are speculating that he may show up in Spider-Man: No Way Home, mainly because…why not?

This may be the movie that might even connect the MCU with Jared Leto’s Morbius.

It seems that Keaton is in that movie, too.

It was shown that he is wearing the same prison clothes he was wearing at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming in the Morbius trailer.

And the Morbius trailer seems to have pictures of the Maguire’s Spider-Man.

Building a Mystery

Spider-Man Far From Home Mysterio

Image: Sony Pictures

At the end of the previous movie Spider-Man: Far From Home, we saw that Quentin Beck, also known as Mysterio, has died.

And the teaser trailer even tells the audience that his character was confirmed to be dead.

But this is something that is hard to tell.

Mysterio’s abilities with holographic projection are so flexible that regardless of being dead or alive, he can in a way return if they just wanted to mess around with Peter Parker.

So, will Mysterio return to complete the Sinister Six?

The Devil in Me

Marvel Studios’ Plan for Charlie Cox in Spider-Man Trailers Revealed

Image: Netflix

Out of all of the Netflix’s Marvel shows, Daredevil stood out from the rest.

We heard that Kevin Feige didn’t consider any shows before WandaVision as canon.

It was a sad thing for fans of the Netflix shows because some of them were really good.

But then we hear that Feige has plans to retain things that do work.

Based on our own sources, Feige really likes Charlie Cox’s performance.

We have been getting a lot of reports from several sources that he is in the movie.

Furthermore, he is also planned to show up in other Disney Plus shows like She-Hulk and Echo.

Then the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer was revealed.

We reported earlier that someone on Twitter thought that an arm of Charlie Cox was there in the trailer.

Small Screen pointed out that the person seemed to have more weight around his mid-section.

An IMAX version of the trailer showed that it wasn’t Cox’s arm. Cox himself confirmed that it wasn’t him on the trailer.

But then again, he didn’t deny being in the movie.

When the Girls Get Here

Netflix Marvel's Daredevil Deborah Ann Woll

Image: Netflix

Since the presence of the webslinger’s various versions are expected in the movie, the romance angle of their character also garnered hopeful expectations.

For quite some time now, Kirsten Dunst’s Mary Jane Watson is being expected to appear as well as, Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy.

But as to the possibility of this fully happening may be less likely than those of the other possibilities cited above.

How can all life facets, characters and situations such as this fit in one movie, right?

Interestingly though, some time ago, several photos surfaced in social media showing Kirsten Dunst seeming to be enjoying a break with a friend who uncannily resembles Deborah Ann Woll.

But as the photos show that the companion is wearing a mask and tinted sunglasses, no one can be 100% certain.

Woll already denied such suspicions.

Further, Emma Stone, in turn, has also denied participation in the production.

It is no doubt that fans, and all movie goers are truly excited to what promises to be the most exciting, most amazing Spidey film yet.

This just shows that everyone is hoping for the best and expecting a spectacular experience.

How have you taken all these speculations in?

What and which of these do you think would really end up showing in the silver screen?

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