Does Zack Snyder Have a Future With DC Films?

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Does Zack Snyder Have a Future With DC Films Justice League

Zack Snyder’s Justice League may not be the director’s last project for DC Films; if The Snyder Cut is a massive success, he could have his own pocket universe.

That Zack Snyder has the potential of further DC projects isn’t new; in fact, I reported this numerous times before.

However, in the Flash-fast pace of online gossiping, the tide has turned towards false negatives.

Nevertheless, this is a complex issue that may sound contradictory on the surface.

But this is Hollywood, and the situations are rarely in black-and-white.

Yesterday I leaked that that WB execs were not impressed with The Snyder Cut.

Obviously, they’d never express that in public.

They were biased against it from the beginning.

However, Warner’s actions are revealing.

Will Zack Snyder Continue At DC Films?

Does Zack Snyder Have a Future With DC Films Justice League

Image: DC Films

Instead of broadcasting it in weekly WandaVision chapters, The Snyder Cut is now dropped in a single chunk.

For Zack Snyder fans, it’s a trade paperback onscreen.

But it won’t have the weekly social-media chatter that The Mandalorian and WandaVision experienced from streaming rival Disney Plus.

Furthermore, The Snyder Cut lands on HBO Max on March 18.

Not longer after, the hotly anticipated Godzilla vs. Kong roars on the network on March 31.


Let’s not forget news of J.J. Abrams producing a Superman reboot was just released.

Does Zack Snyder Have a Future With DC Films Justice League

Image: DC Films

Rumors and speculation exploded that current DCEU Man of Steel Henry Cavill is sent to the Phantom Zone.

This is like somebody you’re dating saying he or she is too busy to go out with you all week long.

On the flip side, if Zack Snyder’s Justice League breaks huge, he isn’t done.

He will be offered more DC projects for HBO Max.

Among those is The Killing Joke.

Recently I wrote that Jared Leto is eyed for a live-action adaptation of The Killing Joke for HBO Max.

I am now hearing that Zack Snyder is a possibility in directing that project.

Edward Lauder revealed in Small Screen that Leto and Zack Snyder are developing a Joker solo film together.

My inside sources said it’s The Killing Joke.

So don’t worry about Zack Snyder’s future with DC Films.

Instead, there’s only thing you should do.

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