Disney Plus Day To Show First Look At Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight

Written by Edwin Francisco

Disney Plus Day To Show First Look At Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight

Disney Plus Day on November 12 will offer the first look at Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight series.

However, insiders said they’re unsure if it’s going to be a teaser trailer or behind-the-scenes footage from Moon Knight.

Regardless, one source is adamant that audiences will see Oscar Isaac in full costume.

The insider claimed:

I’m told that Disney Plus Day will debut an official photo of Moon Knight.

But which costume is it?

After all, in the comics, Moon Knight wore two costumes.

First, there’s the original outfit. Moon Knight wore a traditional spandex and cape suit.

In fact, it drew comparisons to Batman.

Secondly, writer Warren Ellis introduced a three-piece suit with a coat, vest, and tie in 2014.

Regardless, both costumes are described to look either white or at times, silver.

I’ve been curious to see how the silver costume would look.

Moon Knight’s weapons are generally silver.

If ever that the hero’s suit would have some highlights, it will be gold, which did happen at times in the source material.

Disney Plus Day To Show First Look At Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight

A source explained:

He’ll wear both, but the newer outfit only in certain situations. The Egyptian influence is unmistakable.

The show has been in post-production since filming of Moon Knight wrapped in October 14, 2021.

In other words, it won’t be a surprise that they may have already prepared a short clip for Disney Plus Day.

Moreover, such footage could rival the thrilling The Batman trailer at DC FanDome.

The Batman dropped a nuclear bomb on social media.

Furthermore, there is news about the cast.

Marvel Studios has been silent and locked their secrets in a safe.

Similarly, this includes Moon Knight.

For instance, we already knew that Ethan Hawke has been cast in the series for some time now.

Not surprisingly, we haven’t heard any details about who he might be.

An insider joked:

Well, he’s not Mephisto.

Sources claim Ethan Hawke is Dracula.

Yes, the Lord of the Vampires from Marvel Comics’ The Tomb of Dracula.

Will the series connect to Mahershala Ali’s Blade? As we all know, in the MCU it’s all connected.

Moon Knight first appeared in Werewolf by Night No. 32 in 1975.

Writer Doug Moench and artist Don Perlin created him.

Originally, they designed Moon Knight as an opponent for the werewolf, Jack Russell (also known as Jacob Russoff).

Disney Plus Day To Show First Look At Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight

Image; Marvel Comics Group

Consequently, he has that moon crest as his emblem and silver weapons.

Disney Plus Day is expected to announce the Werewolf by Night Holiday Special, too.

Editors Marv Wolfman and Len Wein gave Moon Knight a solo story in Marvel Spotlight No. 28 to 29 in 1976.

Moon Knight eventually got his own solo series in 1980, with Moench returning to write with Bill Sienkiewicz on art.

Marc Spector already had dissociative identity disorder (split personality) early in his life before transforming into Moon Knight.

Steven Grant was one of his earlier personalities, Marc’s childhood best friend and millionaire.

Jake Lockey is another more down-to-Earth personality of Spector’s, who is a street-smart cab driver.

The last one is Khonshu, but it is hard to tell if it’s another personality that he built himself, or is actually a god who possesses him.

But when Marc transforms himself as Moon Knight, he does have increased strength.

Disney Plus unleashes Moon Knight sometime in 2022; it will have six episodes.

Hopefully, Marvel Studios reveals more on Disney Plus Day.

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