David Zaslav Strongly Suggests Some DC Movies Might Suck

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David Zaslav Stops DC Films Reboot Plans

David Zaslav predicted multiple failures in Warner Bros. Discovery’s future, which strongly suggests that includes some DC movies. SnyderVerse fans upset over DC Studios’ upcoming reboot could take comfort in that WBD’s CEO David Zaslav has his reservations, too.

Prior to the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, things were beginning to look up for DC fans. The dismissal of former DC Films head Walter Hamada was just the beginning. Ben Affleck was confirmed to reprise his role as Batman in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and possibly beyond.

Scooper Syl Abdul was the first to break this news via his YouTube channel. Moreover, Henry Cavill made his long awaited return as Superman in Black Adam’s post-credit scene, teasing a bright future.

For a split second, it felt like the DCEU was starting to heal. Unfortunately, this once again all came crashing down as soon as it began coming back together. Shortly after the Warner Bros.-Discovery merger was officially finalized, Zaslav began cleaning house.His first order of business for the DC franchise was rebranding and restructuring.

DC Films would now be known as DC Studios and the DCEU was renamed as just the DCU.

David Zaslav Strongly Suggests Some DC Movies Might Suck

David Zaslav Strongly Suggests Some DC Movies Might Suck

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In addition, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn was appointed as the new co-CEO alongside longtime producer Peter Safran. Oddly, Gunn had one of DC Films’ largest box-office flops with 2021’s The Suicide Squad. Despite that commercial failure, David Zaslav handed him the keys to the DC universe.

The filmmaker revealed that he would be giving the franchise a soft reboot after The Flash movie. Affleck and Cavill were now out as Batman and Superman with both characters set to be recast. After just getting them back, it’s no surprise that DC followers everywhere were both angry and heartbroken at this news.

Then multiple upcoming projects like Patty Jenkins’ third Wonder Woman and a Man Of Steel sequel were given the axe. In their place, Gunn would later announce the first chapter of films and TV shows for his DCU plans.

Reboots for popular characters like Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Supergirl and Swamp Thing were confirmed. Plus lesser known heroes and teams like Booster Gold and The Authority would also receive their own upcoming solo projects.

It’s pretty clear that David Zaslav has faith in Gunn and his vision for the DC brand. Recently he made an appearance at MoffetNathanson’s Technology, Media & Telecom Conference. While there, he explained why Gunn was the only choice to lead DC Studios.

David Zaslav Strongly Suggests Some DC Movies Might Suck

David Zaslav Strongly Suggests Some DC Movies Might Suck

Image: Warner Bros. Discovery

In addition, David Zaslav also expressed his strong belief in the director and the future for the company. However, not everything he said was as optimistic.

As a matter of fact, he admitted that the DCU will more than likely suffer more failures than successes. In his own words, David Zaslav predicts that at least half and upwards of two-thirds of DC Studios projects will not work. Not exactly inspiring encouraging optimism with that remark.

Speaking at the conference, Zaslav explained:

“We’ve greenlit a number of projects and I think it’s one of the assets that was really underutilized and underdeveloped in the company. And we also have this philosophy at the company of no content before it’s time. This year, we don’t want to put a movie out or a game out unless we think it’s our best work. Even if we do that, half the time or two-thirds of the time it’s not gonna work. But that’s the new cultural philosophy of the company. We’re a storytelling company, the best creatives fight to make our content the best it could be.”

His brutal honesty is commendable, but those expecting the likes of Creature Commandos and Waller to blow minds might want to dial down expectations a tad.