Connection Found Between Moon Knight And Thor

Written by Joy Lyn Parohinog Francisco

Moon Knight is already halfway through its series and people are now seeing its connection towards Thor: Love and Thunder.

The MCU has always had the reputation of having the overarching line “It is all connected.” From Iron Man all the way to Avengers: Endgame to the Disney Plus series. Then, with Spider-Man: No Way Home and the upcoming sequel to Doctor Strange, it is evident. Truly, there is no doubt that stories are linked and related if not at least subtly affected by each other.

Now, Moon Knight has just delved into Egyptian gods and goddesses complete with their avatars. Much like the Eternals, they too decided not to meddle with human affairs. But unlike the Eternals, they made the decision because they saw humans begin to move away from worshiping them.

Apart from the existence of Thor, who is actually in Norse Mythology on Earth, Moon Knight touched ancient Egyptian religion. In the past, humans have worshiped such superior beings. Humans offer prayer in the hopes that these yearnings become worthy of the gods and goddesses’ grace.

Connection Found Between Moon Knight And Thor

Moon Knight, Thor, Thor: Love and Thunder

Image: Marvel Comics Group

In the comics, Gorr belongs to an alien race from an unnamed planet. He has befallen so much hardship and pain from losing his wife and children to natural calamities and losing his last surviving son to starvation. All that time, he remained faithful to their gods then started questioning whether they really exist. And that if they did, why don’t they see his prayers worthy to be answered? Only when he saw actual gods in battle with each other did he realize they indeed exist. It only further fueled his anger towards the gods because it showed him they never cared. Thus, began his resolve to rid all the worlds, all the cultures of their gods and goddesses. He wants a world without the concept of worship.

As he witnessed the gods in a duel, he came to the possession of the powerful All-Black the Necrosword. With it in his hands, he has the ability to kill gods and goddesses. And with it he did. Hence, he is from then on referred to as the God Butcher.

Fans found it quite suspicious that the first teaser for Thor: Love and Thunder was released at a very close time towards the actual movie premiere. Somehow this teaser is the most delayed teaser of all MCU movies. Some speculated that any promotion for the fourth Thor movie had to wait until Doctor Strange 2 is showing. This establishes the theory that Gorr is another character that is released by the weakened multiverse barrier.

Connection Found Between Moon Knight And Thor

Connection Found Between Moon Knight And Thor

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But it dropped on the weekend before the fourth episode of Moon Knight. The episode after showing viewers of the powers that the Egyptian gods can actually have. Khonshu was able to move heavenly bodies in one night with the help of his suited avatar. The same episode showed viewers other gods and goddesses imprisoned in stone much like what happened to Khonshu. And it’s the same episode that told an avatar has the capacity to free the god they represent.

This connection of faith between man and gods may be the reason why Gorr will actually originate in Moon Knight. Rather than coming from the multiverse ripping apart, Gorr could already be existing on Earth all this time. It will be like the Eternals, the gods and goddesses of Egypt and even the K’un-Lun Mountains.

All the more reason for this is how Gorr appears in the Marvel Legends Build A Figure collectible toy line. In the collection, Gorr is more human than alien. To be more specific, he looks more like an ancient Egyptian priest. His scars would only be proof of all the sacrifices and sufferings he endured that led to his hate.

Could MCU’s Gorr be human? However, like in the comics, he used to be a devout believer who became disillusioned and succumbed to vengeful anger. Could he be someone who vowed to kill all the gods and goddesses because he believes they are neglectful? And with Khonshu’s heavenly stunt in the last episode, could it have reawakened him and his spite for the gods?

Connection Found Between Moon Knight And Thor

Connection Found Between Moon Knight And Thor

Image: Disney Plus

If this is true then, Hathor and the rest of the Egyptian gods in Moon Knight are in danger. They may be among the trail of corpses of gods that will tell Thor of Gorr’s existence. Gorr will reach them in the inner chambers of the Pyramid of Giza, all free gods and goddesses will die. Then thinking all of them are dead, Gorr will then travel to other countries and cultures to continue his butchery. By the time Doctor Strange cracks the multiverse wide open, Gorr will then be able to go to other realms reaching Thor’s radar.

With Gorr leaving, the chamber will be devoid of any active gods. Mark Spector (Oscar Isaac) discovers the gods are dead when he gets inside the pyramid. He still frees Khonshu from his imprisonment. He may even still be unaware of Gorr at that point. Even the Egyptian god of moon and time might not be aware of Gorr. But they will know the other gods are gone. And Harrow will still be able to free Ammit from her own imprisonment.

It will keep the Moon Knight story intact at the same time provide the origin for Gorr. Gorr would have gone around the galaxies executing his sentence. Just about the right time, Thor: Love and Thunder arrives in theaters.