Will Jason Statham Play Bullseye In Daredevil Reboot?

Written by Joy Lyn Parohinog Francisco and Mikey Sutton • Editor-in-Chief • Owner

A new rumor claims that Jason Statham has joined the MCU, but will he be Daredevil’s Bullseye? According to the report, Marvel Studios signed with Marvel Studios. However, note that this isn’t official yet. The Hollywood trades usually drop these huge announcements first.

Still, there are exceptions.

In fact, Geekosity had its share.

As the MCU builds its ever expanding multiverse, it’s positioning several new characters into play. They have started with Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight, Iman Vellani’s Ms. Marvel and Xochitl Gomez’ America Chavez. Even though the news itself still awaits Marvel Studios’ confirmation, how would the MCU will introduce Jason Statham into the fold?

In other words, which character could he be?

Will Jason Statham Play Bullseye In Daredevil Reboot?

Jason Statham usually grabs tough-guy roles. Characters with martial arts skills, kickboxing or close combat fighting techniques are right up his alley. He has made a name for himself from his previous projects as Frank Martin in The Transporter franchise. He then landed roles in The Italian Job, Crank, War, and Spy, among many others.

His stance and features can also very well be among the looks for a hero, anti-hero or even a villain.

Given that, here are a few Marvel characters Jason Statham could appear as. Not all of them are British, too.

A good handful of these will fall within the stories that are presently being developed in the MCU.


Will Jason Statham Play Bullseye In Daredevil Reboot?

Image: Marvel Comics Group

On March 20, Geekosity revealed that Marvel Studios will recast the villainous Bullseye for their Daredevil reboot.

In 2017, Jason Statham nearly became Bullseye for Season Two of Netflix’ Daredevil. However, negotiations crumbled. The casting would’ve melted social media. Jason Statham looks like Bullseye. Furthermore, he has the fighting skills to pull it off.

Although the deal collapsed in 2017, it was with Marvel Television under Jeph Loeb. On the other hand, Kevin Feige’s Marvel Studios is different. The money exists to hit Jason Statham’s Bullseye, if that’s the issue.

At this point, it’s speculative. Nevertheless, if Marvel Studios finally nabbed Jason Statham, the timing ties in with the new Daredevil series.

Elton Morrow (Blue Diamond)

Will Jason Statham Play Bullseye In Daredevil Reboot?

Image: Marvel Comics Group

Morrow is a professor in an Antarctic excavation that discovered a mysterious blue diamond. The diamond happens to be a fragment of the Lifestone Tree which is a collection of extraterrestrial artifacts. These objects are imbued with powers. In a ship accident, the diamond shattered and fragments embedded in Morrow. He soon discovered he now possessed characteristics of the diamond. Stories connected him to the Liberty Legion, the Invaders, the Winter Soldier and even the Red Skull.

Dimitri Bukharin (Crimson Dynamo/Airstrike)

Will Jason Statham Play Bullseye In Daredevil Reboot?

Image: Marvel Comics Group

Bukharin is is a former agent for the KGB. He was the fifth man to wear the Crimson Dynamo and joined the Soviet Super-Soldiers. As Crimson Dynamo, he faced off against the Human Torch, Black Panther, X-Factor, and the Avengers.

Iron Man also attacked him during Armor Wars. Later in the comics, he was given a new identity named Airstrike. His connection with the Human Torch and in Armor Wars makes him a good candidate character.

Frank Simpson (Nuke)

Image: Marvel Comics Group

Frank Simpson is a Vietnam War veteran. He received his nickname Nuke after becoming a killing machine. Like Bullseye, he fought Daredevil in the comics, too. Wil Traval portrayed a version of him in Netflix’ Jessica Jones. But they changed his name to Will Simpson. Certainly, Jason Statham can portray a war veteran with post traumatic stress disorder. Weaponized for high-profile missions, one can imagine Jason Statham sinking his teeth into the role.

Pete Wisdom

Image: Marvel Comics Group

Another former agent, this time of the British intelligence agency Black Air. Wisdom is perhaps best known for the X-Men spin-off Excalibur. With the mutants in the MCU, he can look at Wisdom as his next role.

The choices offer exciting food for thought. Nonetheless, Daredevil’s Bullseye really hits the mark.