What’s Still Missing From Marvel Gaming?

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Marvel Video games gaming

Video games based on Marvel properties have really come into their own lately. Between the success of the Avengers game by Square Enix and the upcoming sequel to 2018’s Spider-Man and a Wolverine game set in the same universe, there have been plenty of reasons to be excited for what lies in store for future Marvel games. Despite this, there are areas they haven’t managed to break into.

Poker Games

What’s Still Missing From Marvel Gaming?

For years, there was a floating poker game in the Marvel universe, hosted by the Fantastic Four’s The Thing. It was a place where heroes could relax and have fun with each other without worrying about their great responsibilities. Characters like Captain America, Spider-Man, and Wolverine all joined in the game at one point or another, which served as a framing device for the heroes when they were dealing with tragedy. A game based on poker could fit in well with Marvel’s characters. Giving different characters different play styles or even abilities based on their in-universe superpowers could add an interesting wrinkle to the poker game formula.

Casino Games


In addition to poker, there is the potential for lots of casino games based on Marvel properties. For years these were in circulation, but when Marvel was bought by Disney they stopped the license for these games. That hasn’t stopped demand for them, though. There are games loosely based on Marvel characters on the Foxy Games platform, where players can find games that are inspired by Thor, Aquaman, and other superheroes. Online slots and bingo are becoming more popular every year, so it wouldn’t be surprising if we saw Marvel try them again.

Visual Novels

Marvel Video games gaming

Visual Novels are largely similar to comic books, in that they are text accompanied by graphics to help tell the story. There are countless visual novels available on Steam, so seeing Marvel branch into this genre wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination. The advantage to visual novels over comic books is their interactive elements. By making different choices available to players, they can influence the story in a way they can’t with their comic book counterparts. The Batman TellTale game was a big hit a few years ago, so there is definitely the appetite out there for games like this with comic book properties.

Simulation Games

Marvel Video games gaming
Most Marvel video games ask you to control specific characters in their universe, but there are plenty of people who work hard in the background to clean up the mess that these heroes leave behind. A simulation game like Sim City, but where there are occasional disasters either prevented or caused by Marvel characters would be a fun way to address the absolute devastation caused when characters like Doctor Doom show up to cause trouble. Having to assemble emergency workers to evacuate a collapsed building structure or find the money to rebuild after the Avengers prevent a planetary disaster would be a different take on the superhero genre.

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