Best Games To Try For Every Kind Of Mythology Fan

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Best Games To Try For Every Kind Of Mythology Fan

It’s no secret that mythologies are a rising trend in gaming. For instance, some of the top games in 2020, such as Supergiant Games’ Hades and Immortals Fenyx Rising, are based on Greek mythology.

They’re even inspiring a “new wave” in gaming humor, as Greek mythology roots do involve a lot of comedy.

Similarly, many of the past decade’s most popular games, like The Elder Scrolls and Smite, are based on a variety of mythologies.

As such, if you’re a big mythology fan, know that there are many games for you to try.

Here are some of the best of them:

For Greek mythology fans

Greek mythology is arguably the most popular category of them all.

After all, Greek gods are depicted with human traits, like jealousy and rage, making them very relatable.

This has made it easier for entertainment companies to spin stories around them, evidenced in films like Hercules, starring Dwayne Johnson, and the two Clash of the Titans movies.

Aside from RPGs like Hades and Immortals Fenyx Rising, you also have great options in tower defense games like Fury of the Gods and card games like Titan: Olympus War.

The collection of online titles on TOPGAME also includes one that’s inspired by Greek mythology called Titan’s Way.

It’s themed around “Tartarus” — the depths of the underworld — and the sights you might see in it, like lava pools and shades.

For Norse mythology fans

Much like Greek mythology, Marvel and other big media companies have also heavily popularized Norse mythology, and this has led to an explosion in Norse based games across a variety of platforms.

Two console game examples of this is Jotun, an action-exploration game about a Viking woman named Thora, and the latest Gods of War, which features numerous Norse gods throughout the game.

Moreover, mobile platforms have also seen a spike in games based on Norse mythology.

The wide range of online games on Gala Bingo includes a number that are heavily inspired by Norse mythology, such as Age of Gods: Ways of Thunder and Norse: King of Asgard.

Both feature rune stones, Thor’s thunderstorms, and other elements that hammer home the Nordic elements.

If you’re looking for a title that doesn’t involve the main gods, the online puzzle game RuneMaster is more concerned about the mythology’s wizardry elements or the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark.

For Hindu mythology fans

Hindu mythology is less known than Greek or Norse mythologies, but its history is one of the richest.

The gods are a representation of power and existence, like Brahma, the god who created the universe, and Shiva the one who will destroy it.

This has led to interesting games like Asura’s Wrath — a game where demigods have physical characteristics, like four arms, that make them above human.

Last year, indie game developer Nodding Heads Games also released this amazing action-adventure title called Raji: An Ancient Epic.

Its gameplay and lore depth are very similar to God of War, so expect a lot of references to popular Hindu epics like the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Whether it’s the setting, music, or narrative, mythology has had a big influence on game development.

Given its huge library of stories, it’ll certainly be interesting to see what other great titles come out of mythology in the coming years.

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