SnyderVerse Producer In Talks To Head DC Films

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Former SnyderVerse producer Michael De Luca is in talks to possibly head DC Films. If the name isn’t familiar to SnyderVerse fans, there’s a good reason. Warner Bros. hired De Luca to co-produce Suicide Squad 2 in 2018.

No, this wasn’t a sequel to James Gunn’s soft reboot, The Suicide Squad.

Rather, it was a follow-up to David Ayer’s compromised 2016 Suicide Squad. Despite critical slamming, Suicide Squad was a hit. In fact, it performed significantly better than James Gunn’s acclaimed 2021 black comedy.

De Luca was going to work with frequent Snyder partner, Charles Roven. In fact, Roven produced all of Snyder’s DCEU movies. However, DC Films changed their plans. They hired Gunn instead to create his own version. Thus, De Luca never got the opportunity to work within the SnyderVerse. (The Suicide Squad wasn’t in the SnyderVerse.)

Well, not yet.

SnyderVerse Producer In Talks To Head DC Films

SnyderVerse, Producer, Talks, Head, DC Films

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Variety‘s report is vague on what positions De Luca and his partner Pamela Abdy could have at Warner Bros. Discovery. Nevertheless, it’s related to DC Films.

Apparently, De Luca needs “access to DC Entertainment in some capacity.” This includes developing properties.

Zaslav’s choice of a Snyder-affiliated executive raises eyebrows. Granted, De Luca has impressive credits himself. For example, he’s nabbed three Oscar nominations on his own.

Still, what does that have to do with DC Films? Or the SnyderVerse?

De Luca is a massive comic-book fan. Obviously, Zaslav seeks someone with comics knowledge and not just financial smarts. Specifically, De Luca loves writer/artist Frank Miller like Snyder. Snyder adapted Miller’s 300. Moreover, The Dark Knight Returns influenced Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

For what it’s worth, that’s not gossip. It’s public knowledge.

Nonetheless, sources reveal De Luca admires Snyder and wants to work with him.

SnyderVerse Producer In Talks To Head DC Films

SnyderVerse Producer In Talks To Head DC Films

Image: Warner Bros.

On April 15, I scooped that Zaslav wants to replace Walter Hamada as DC Films president. Actually, Zaslav intends to change DC Films. On February 1, I revealed on Syl Abdul’s YouTube channel he wants a DC Studios.

Could De Luca head DC Studios with Abdy? After all, Variety mentioned “a creative and management overhaul.”

De Luca and Abdy will leave MGM after the summer.

They’re headed to Warner Bros. Discovery. Their eyes are on DC. Zaslav has opened the doors.

Read between the lines.